What Choice Rutgers Team Had? Other than Accepting Imus Apology

I am glad Imus apologized to the girls and he did get removed from the network, but I also wonder what choice did the girls have, other than ‘accepting’ his apology?

I hope the incident does teach us a bigger lesson: that we do need to think twice before opening our mouths. Everyone has prejudice, and all of us make mistakes, but the only way to get along is to respect each other’s lifestyle, be it in the way we dress up, talk, move, eat or drink and be it our race, color or ethnic origin… supporting someone who is merely trying to improve himself or herself, without causing anyone any damage, should not be so difficult. These girls are to be commended to have come this far in their journey to achieve their goals. The least we can do is respect that fact.

Now, the only way to move forward, for everyone, is to forgive. Forgiving does not turn a wrong into a right, it merely allows us to continue on our journey without bitterness, without holding the negativity with us forever.

On the other hand, CBS has shown that money made for their network by Imus had to be sacrificed in order to set the record straight. I am glad they did that. If all of us started becoming a bit more human than materialistic, may be our society will become a bit more beautiful.

Gov. Corzine was on his way last night to meet Imus and the Rutgers Team, when he met with an accident “in which he broke his left leg, sternum, collarbone, six ribs on each side and a lower vertebra, state police and other government officials said. He was in critical but stable condition at midnight, sedated and on a breathing tube.” Is there a bigger lesson here? His state trooper driver hit the guardrail while trying to save himself from another out-of-control driver.

Isn’t that bizarre? Not only that, Gov. Corzine, who is leading the state of some 7 million people, himself was not abiding by the law? He was not wearing the seat belt? According to some sources.

We are racing through life in such haste and not really paying attention to the very essentials that could be save us from all the trauma. All of this physical hurt, emotional hurt, waste of time and money could have been avoided, if and only if, we knew to respect each other.

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One Response to “ What Choice Rutgers Team Had? Other than Accepting Imus Apology ”

  1. This whole thing didn’t last too long on the news. I was pretty upset about it for awhile. I’m glad hes gone!

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