100 Invites to Spock Beta given out by TechCrunch

I have never heard of this company but from what I am reading its a people search engine and is supposedly better than any other. Like I said, I have not known what it looks like and do not understand what the hoopla is about not letting everyone in and limit the invites to some few – are they checking who is applying for these invites? and moreover from few of the comments I read, it seems like the sign-up process involves giving out your email id along with your PASSWORD…

Now, that’s just beyond funny (sarcastic) to ask people to give them their passwords in order to give them access to look up other people :=)

According to TechCruch’s Michael Arrington, the first 100 spots were taken in the 30 minutes!!


Would you give some company such personal information? I would never.

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