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Thank God its Friday!! Now I was thinking, I have to have a schedule to post in order to have a consistent flow. For a while, I did feel I could post every single day but as much as I would like to, it is not going to happen. With a full time job and then some? How do I keep seeing people posting multiple posts every single day? Not only post articles on their own blog, have great graphics, post on the boards,
engage in commenting on other blogs, and the whole gammit of it! I hope I can pick up some speed and make this blog a bit interesting to drive more traffic some day.. but as it is, I am already getting a bit annoyed with blogger. The other day I wrote an entire post only to find later it was not saved! UPDATE: although just today for the first time I have seen that the new blogger will save drafts automatically! :=)
see the yellow sticky for draft saved

oh heck, I even checked blogger help clicking on that little question mark in orange bubble and here is what it says

If you want to make sure the saved copy is completely up to date, you can click the “Save” button yourself. You’ll remain on the posting form and can continue typing, since the saving happens in the background. If you’re done working on the post for now, you can either click “Publish Post” to convert the draft into a post, or click “Return to list of posts” if you want to leave it as a draft and go back to the Edit Posts page.

This autosave feature means that you have a safety net for the cases when you’re working on a new post and the power goes out, or your browser crashes, or some other calamity occurs. All you have to do is log back in to Blogger and find your saved draft on the Edit Posts page. You can even do that from a different computer.

Note: Autosave does not occur when you are editing posts that have previously been published to your blog. This keeps your readers from seeing your edits until you’re done with them. When editing a published post, you can click “Publish Post” to republish the changes to your blog, or click “Save as Draft” to unpublish the post and turn it into a draft.

Although I have been wondering why Google people cannot make bloggers as nice as, with beautiful themes? Even Vox (from typepad) has easier navigation and better themes than blogger templates!!

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