5/18/07 10:36pm fixed it!
I had added a few widgets to this blog and on the new post today, all of a sudden noticed the Comments and Links section had disappeared! I compared the template version that was saved before the edits and the one after, nothing seemed broken or omitted and it just got my head spinning.. I had to walk away from this thing and come back with a clearer head and this time I was able to find the culprit.. The Post Options pull down for the Reader Comments automatically changed from ‘Allow’ to ‘Don’t allow, hide existing’ and Backlink also changed from ‘Allow’ to ‘Don’t allow, hide existing’. That is odd.. Is there a bug in the template for these options to start jumping from one choice to another?

see the post options in the following pic:

5/18/07 originally posted at 4:14pm
I have no idea what I did to the comments and Links to the post section! I was messing around with the template and had added the ‘recent comments’ and seems like broke the code somewhere – until then email me at tyropearl at gmail dot com… :(

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