Dark Chocolate for Mother’s Day

Being in the swing of reading Top 5s for the last two days, and going through 100s of entries, I had a lot of coffee and consumed too many bars of chocolate only to then feel guilty! That's when I thought of crushing my guilt (like all intelligent people do ;)) and searched if I had benefited from this activity and found this:

Top 5 reasons why dark chocolate is healthier:

  • One study found that eating 3.5 ounces of chocolate daily lowers of blood pressure considerably;
  • It contains 95% of the flavoniods (a type of anti-oxidants) that are essential in lowering your risks of developing cancer
  • Dark chocolate is also excellent for our teeth in that the substance found in the cocoa destroys the bacteria in the mouth.
  • Italian researchers have found that women who eat chocolate regularly have higher levels of sexual desires than the ones who don’t; this is because the dark chocolate contains phenylthylamine which is known to act as an aphrodisiac
  • Last but not the least, some studies have shown that the flavoniods found in the dark chocolate improves the blood flow through our arteries and blood vessels and keeps the inflammation down
  • So if you cannot decide what to give your mom for Mother's Day, a dark chocolate cake will definitely be delicious as well as good for her health.

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    3 Responses to “ Dark Chocolate for Mother’s Day ”

    1. Yes, once I found out that a dark chocolate is good for us and much better than the milk chocolate, I stopped buying any other kind of chocolate but dark. I used to like the white one.
      The hardest thing with these chocolates is to stop eating them. After all, I’m afraid that too much of dark chocolate is not good for us (unfortunately).

    2. Hi Vivien – welcome to my place.. and thanks for stopping by. Like you, I also love white chocolate but I am trying to stick to the dark one, although, now I have to work on the quantity along with quality :=)

    3. Yummy + healthy !
      I’m a big fan of this Lindt 99% cocoa thing… Your post looks like a heads-up to me. Gonna buy a heap !
      I am a sinner… One big fat healthy sinner.
      I luv your blog’s celebrating the good things in life.
      Best bests. ;D

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