Group Writing Project, Problogger – My Top Favs so Far

okay so its overwhelming to read ALL the entries for top 5 writing project for Darren’s group writing contest after working 9-5 job on top of taking care of the ones that look to you for feeding them something! but I have been reading some, commented on few others, and still no one commented back on my newly born!

okay fine, its not typically a writing entry but then it was ‘top 5’ something!! and as Darren said you could take it in any direction – i literally did :=) I see ‘some’ people came by and left without saying a damn hi – does it cost you to say a polite hi? so I am a bit depressed for more than 48 hrs now, despite my failing attempt to make people smile!

anyways, I will move forward on this lonely little journey but before that i am listing some of the entries that i found funny, informative and interesting… Of course, i haven’t gotten to all of the top-5 which I will continue to read.. some very creative people out there

out of day 3 submissions – the very first entry that caught my attention was Top 5 Reasons This Writing Contest Is Stupid.

needless to say his title is catchy and the writer uses the human herd psychology here so accurately – he tells us what so many people are doing is stupid and all of us turn to see what he has to say! very intelligent

and if you look in his archives on the same page, he entered into another writing contest where he titled it “I Love Blog Contests” which he wrote for emoms at home emomsathome and he didn’t receive a single comment on that entry!! What’s with that? Does it pay to be bad and call people stupid? I should have known!!

Anyways, I think the following entries from day 1 were really nice and Simmone’s entry really made us laugh.. how perceptive of him.. finding pleasure in small things :=)

My 5 fingers ranked by Simonne

Top 5 Tips to be the next Darren Rowse

The Top 5 Blogs at the End of 2007 will be…

The Top 5 Reasons to Join a Blog Network

The Top 5 Web Sites for a Deserted Island

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7 Responses to “ Group Writing Project, Problogger – My Top Favs so Far ”

  1. Thanks for mentioning my entry Pearl. I’m glad you found it and took a moment to read through it. It’s amazing to go through and read some of posts and comments. You really get to visit some cool blogs like “Interesting Observations.” Good luck with your blog.

  2. :=) thank you so much Chris for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for keeping us informed.. nice to know there is a critical eye out there.


  4. thanks kato.. title of the post is what matters I guess :) thanks for commenting…

  5. Hey, you don’t have to be so sad for people not stopping to say hi! There were almost 1000 entries. I’m still not finished with reading them all. Thank you very much for mentioning mine, I’m glad I made you laugh. Come check my last blog post: there is another great group writing project going on and that is my entry – you still have time to submit yours. As this group is going to be much smaller, all participants will have their share of attention from the others.

  6. Sorry, I forgot to post the link to the new group project entry:

  7. thank you Simmone :) I just checked out InspirationBit and hope to send in my entry on time … thanks for letting me know..

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