Make $5 for free from AuctionAds via

This is a very new blog and its not even sure what its gonna talk about but it sure is excited at getting an opportunity from AuctionAds to get $5 simply for signing up with them!

Of course the catch is you have to be a problogger reader.. and although I have been reading Darren’s blog for quite some time, there wasn’t a place to talk about it :) so here I am!

Like I said, although I am not even sure what this blog is going to be about, I sure signed up and honest to goodness – AuctionAds credited my account with $5 right away!

If you want to try these ads, here is the special offer form. I have no idea how the ads work, but they are showing up alright! hehe

Oh – and some people were questioning if Auction Ads could be placed along with Google AdSense.. and I just read their FAQs, which says, yes, Auction Ads is not a contextually based ad product and is compatible with all other ad systems.

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2 Responses to “ Make $5 for free from AuctionAds via ”

  1. You can choose a topic that you like, and blog about that topic. Then if you have some other interests, you can blog about them occasionally. John chow’s blog is about money making and CARS.

  2. Hey – thank you so much for commenting Grace! I was thrilled to see my first comment :-)

    I do check out John Chow’s blog too, and if you look in the older posts here, did write a post about him – but of course it got lost amongst millions of blogs out there.

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