Make Money Testing Blogger

Google will pay you to test blogger

see Blogger Buzz for more but I think Quick Online Tips has given better details of the program.. see below:

“…….They offer 4 modes in which you can participate –

# Travel to a Google office (Google HQ in Mountain View, California or other offices)
# Participate remotely from your computer (high-speed Internet connection needed)

# Have a Google researcher visit (field study)
# Fill out an online survey

I remember they had run a similar event for Blogger User Testing event at Google HQ earlier where the deal was for $50.”

Good opportunity for the bloggers, although I haven’t checked out how they are going to pick and choose amongst so many bloggers!

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5 Responses to “ Make Money Testing Blogger ”

  1. hi!! well i signed in for the experiment but since i live in portugal i dont think they will ever pick me!! i hv no clue on how much they pay! they dont really tell u the real amount, they just say u can earn money participating!!

  2. hey confessing7girl – well we can wait and see what happens.. I am not sure if they only pick people from US because Google is used worldwide.. so you being in portugal shouldn’t be a factor… check out the links in the post – they will take you to – he explains the amounts they pay .. I think it is $75 an hour.. good luck and let me know :)

  3. wow! 75 per hour!! google is just too kind!!:D yeah its worldwide but im keeping my low expectations …of course if im chosen ill tell!!:) thanx for the info

  4. Great..:) you never know you could be the one :D

  5. Hey folks,

    Has anyone taken part in one of these studies before? Was it worth your time? I’m trying to decide whether or not to put my name in. Not that I’m scared, but well, o.k. maybe a little!

    Sounds pretty interesting. I look forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.

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