Netvibes or iGoogle or MyYahoo ?

Netvibes introduced a whole new set of customization features. I have been using iGoogle for the past few months because I am in love with Google. I have used MyYahoo, MyMSN in the past too, not lately though. Now with Netvibes giving you the option of adding new themes and wallpapers, I like it a lot. I know MyYahoo lets you add content and has multiple pages, but I like those little gadgets that you can add to iGoogle.

see netvibes theme choices
I think Netvibes is taking over all of them in looks as well as functionality and ease of use. It lets you cram a lot of the universe on just one simple page, all at your finger tips, hundreds of feeds, emails from loads of different clients, to-do lists, and even chat-clients, all can be reached via your home page. Guess I am going to be using netvibes more than iGoogle these days.

See more at netvibes blog

What do you use and why?

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2 Responses to “ Netvibes or iGoogle or MyYahoo ? ”

  1. I’ve been testing out iGoogle, but for the most part, I don’t use a portal page.

    I kinda think that My Yahoo! is a bit busy for my tastes, and I’ve never actually visited Netvibes, so I’m not going to pass judgment on that site for now ;)

  2. I like iGoogle ‘cuz of all those gadgets you can add to your page but I hesitate to add third party gadgets ‘cuz of privacy, netvibes can fit more feeds on just one page if you want a quick run down of just about everything.. so try it and see if you like it – let me know :)

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