Darren – the problogger – has finally announced the topic for the Group Writing Project he is running this week for a prize of $1001.

He has posted the guidelines to enter the contest and also a form to use for submitting your entries in order to be considered.

This project is sure to take the blogosphere by a storm because of Darren’s esteemed reputation amongst top notch bloggers. He posts articles, strategies on SEO tips, AdSense Tips and News, Blogging for Beginners and also posts how blogs make money online! He has even posted at times the amount of money he has made from his blog(s) along with lessons he has learnt. We have a whole lot to learn from him on this business.

I am very excited about this project not because of the prize money (although it is a huge sum just for writing an article) but because it is the easiest way to practice my writing and although a newbie at blogging, I still will be able to participate and get the experienced bloggers to make a few comments of advice or guidance on the direction I could take in building this blog (would anyone really?) .

The deadline for submissions is Thursday May 10 so its time to put on your thinking caps and start jotting down all that comes to mind. The theme according to Darren could take any direction: like “a personal blogger could write about their top 5 favorite foods, a celebrity blogger could write about the top 5 things Paris will do when she gets to jail, a tech blogger could rate their top five gadgets of the year, a productivity blogger could write their top 5 ways to save 20 minutes a day etc.” Now that is a fairly long leash :) and I am sure he has his work cut out to pick the best.

It’ll be interesting to read so many people writing about so many different things. He is also suggesting that each week bloggers should (could) also post the top 5 best blogposts of their own choosing .. that will be fun.

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