Domain Name, Transfer to WordPress or not!

I have a lot of topics I would like to talk about.. but somehow, just like many bloggers who would like to post more, cannot find the time to put it all together! In the meantime, I will say some things that I have been thinking about and doing!

I was looking for some cool blog publishing applications and read somewhere that with windows live, you can see exactly how the post would look on your page, without first publishing it! So, yesterday I downloaded Windows Live to see how the application works! During configuration, it asks you to provide it with your blog’s user id and password so your blog can be configured with windows live! Once the blog was configured with it, everything looked pretty good..

During the configuration process, a message popped up that the software publishes a test post to the blog which gets automatically deleted immediately! But when I went to the blog, this weird test post was still up! So hope a few of my subscribers that are out there, don’t think I am going nuts and posting things that don’t really make sense!! Of course, I deleted the test post right away!

Until I find some time in making my articles readable, I did want to say something very important that is on my mind! I see in the mybloglog widget in the right sidebar a lot of new faces each day! But most of you are going away without saying a hi or bye :) I wish there was a widget that I could display to welcome you all but since that isn’t there, let me say that

I welcome you all on my blog..

And, I want to ask whoever lands up here to please not be shy and say a simple ‘Hi’ and please take a few seconds to tell me what you think of this blog….

Do you think I should move to wordpress? Or keep spending time in editing blogger?

Is it even worth spending time on blogger modifications? I was kind of wishing (positive thinking) that may be one day I will wake up and see that Google really decided to make blogger look and feel better and easier than wordpress! Do you think its wishing too much?

In the mean time, I am looking into a good domain name! Knowing that the url is and the name of the blog is Interesting Observations, I’d like to hear suggestions on what my domain name should be! is NOT available!

I need ideas and advice! I saw kumiko has moved over to wordpress, but she says she spent more than 17 hours to complete the transfer and other things! Now I understand she probably had much more information and data to transfer over, and I may not have to spend those many hours.. but I am double minded about it!

But I would love to hear what it took you to transfer over to wordpress, if you did.

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25 Responses to “ Domain Name, Transfer to WordPress or not! ”

  1. […] Domain Name, Transfer to WordPress or Not! […]

  2. I’ve used wordpress at and I’m well impressed. Quite a few plug ins too

  3. I use both blogger and wordpress, and must admit when first starting out, I found blogger to be far easier.

    But now,with a few more miles under my tires, I much prefer WordPress. I just like the integration with my website and that its all handled under one cpanel. I also like the plugins available.

    You might like to check out my website if you’re looking for domain names. I love playing with words, which will be evident once you visit!

    My domain names are for sale, and you can also pick up a free special report on how to turn your domain names into dollars – yet another way to make money online. For those (like me) who love words, its a really fun way to make a lucrative living!

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  5. If you have not already done so DO move to WordPess – excellent product with an ever increasing arsenal of themes and extensions.

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