Giant footprints prove Bigfoot’s existence

I normally don’t really post about the news and rumors but couldn’t ignore this one :) this is something not every one is going to come across so thought I might as well share it with my readers! So here is something I found this morning!

Is this possible?

“We found four footprints of Bigfoot. In one, the footprint of the adult male measures 29 inches and the female size is 26 inches. Even the young one’s foot size is 8.5 inches,” said Krishnaswamy on Monday. Going by the size of the footmarks, the anthropologists say Indian Bigfoot would have been far bigger than his Australian and Malaysian counterparts, estimated to be about 8 feet tall and weighing a hefty 350 kg.

“The Bigfoot found in these parts would be diametrically opposite to his counterparts in size, weight and eating habits. Stone tools that lie strewn around testify he used to prey on wild animals”, said Krishnaswamy. He added that while the male’s impressions were found near the lofty spot from where he probably planned his hunting expeditions, the female and child impressions were found near the mouth of the shelter.

Eminent anthropologist L K Balaratnam said in Coimbatore that the site is virgin and could throw up unknown facts. Balaratnam, who along with his father co-authored India’s first book on anthropology, ‘Anthropology in India’, said the finding should be “interesting.” He added that reports of Bigfoot sightings or impressions have not been reported from anywhere else in the country. However, it’s still too early to say for sure that there was indeed an Indian Bigfoot. Carbon dating and detailed scientific analyses will have to be carried out before it can be truly accepted that Bigfoot indeed once roamed parts of Kerala. Till then, we’ll just have to be content with mythological references to giants who straddled the earth and vaulted across oceans.

Link: Times of India News Article

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3 Responses to “ Giant footprints prove Bigfoot’s existence ”

  1. Pearl,

    That’s too funny that we both posted about the same thing today!

    Different news sources, but same story it seems :-)

    The information I came across stated there have been numerous sightings recently, which spawned an official probe into it.

  2. yeah I thought it was funny but I didn’t see any of those sources with big foot’s pictures lol and thats why I guess i liked yours better..;) thanks for stopping by Deb and also for the comment! :) tc and come by again!

  3. Hello pearl.
    just came across with your blogs.
    Well,I should say that your blogs are interesting and nice post about big foot. I heard about it too and I heard Malaysia has found out the foot print. lol.. I wonder how true it is.


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