Interesting Posts from some of my favorite blogs

I have been reading a lot of terrific blogs since I started blogging again, and have decided today to share some of the best articles I read this week.

These are some of the very famous blogs written by a bunch of very talented and bright people and I am sure you might have come across these before but if you have not, I am sure you will enjoy them.
Submitting multiple URLs to delicious from Amit of Digital Inspirations;
Know when people bookmark your blog on delicious again from Amit of Digital Inspirations;
Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Adsense Link Units Optimization from Maki of;

Chris’s Friday links encompass all of the articles that have wealth of information that just about every kind of blogger would find so useful! I know I will be referring to these articles time and again!

He points to his article on Problogger ‘Is your blog truly valuable?’ asking ‘who should get to decide’ ; and another one “Who Is Your Blog For?”From the Search-This team he is recommending this post that he says every blogger should read

AND Finally it seems that Wendy’s site might be up! Although I have yet to read what went on there as she has a post up about it, but the article that caused all the mess and was on digg’s front page, the top 10 mistakes I made in my first year, probably caused the bluehost servers to die down!

I tried a few times to write a comment on it, but seems like there is still some problem going on there! Anyways, I was able to read the article somehow and its the one you don’t want to miss..;)

The article I originally really wanted to link from was about the funny domain names, because that is what I am thinking about at the time :) here is that article if you can read it.. so I really need to get a good domain name ..:)

so there, happy weekend.. :) and don’t forget to provide your input on my what my domain name should be…:)

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3 Responses to “ Interesting Posts from some of my favorite blogs ”

  1. Domain names are really tricky to choose. I have about 4 now and I always spend days trying to make a decision. In general I think –

    – the shorter the better

    – .com is worth paying the extra for, nobody remembers some of the cheaper extensions and it’s only cheap for the first year, after that you’re paying the same as a .com anyway

    – be careful what domains you search for and where you search for them, people watch the searches and buy domains then charge a lot more for them – use to search, I’ve never had that happen to me from searching there yet.

    – be careful who you sign up with – I had a disaster with a company called registerfly who have now vanished, but getting any service from them was a nightmare and they would not let you transfer out. We use godaddy and they are good but don’t rely on my word, ask other people you know

    – wherever you do sign up, I recommend you choose to hide your personal details. Most domain rego companies offer this. Godaddy call it private registration. It’s wise because if you don’t hide the information it is available to anyone who wants to search for it, and you’re going to tell them your address and phone number etc. is just one of the sites where people can search for whois information. Look at (one of my domains) and you’ll see what you get when you use private registration.

    hope that is useful info ;)


  2. Hi there – I took all your points in consideration and bought the domain from godaddy! I have some other domains parked there as well..

    one of the things that keeps bothering me is that I couldn’t get .com for this blog and i wanted to keep it as fresh-perspectives! although i was kind of disappointed but then think about problogger! he has been pretty successful at .net for years, so I’m going to concentrate on the content now more than anything!!

    I did take your point of hiding the personal details and got the private registration … I checked and yes, that’s kinda clever :)

    my biggest issue is with the very first point you made lol the long name.. but hey, this is my first blog and first experience [like first love lol, you learn a lot from it and move on but remember it for the rest of your life :)] so may be I’ll start another one with just my first name :)

    about people watching the searches!! I always thought abt it too – now thats creepy..

    I really thank you snoskred for such great information…. of course its useful, its very useful and i am thankful to have found such a great community of good hearted people :)

    tc then and stay in touch!!

  3. Hi Pearl,
    Thank you for visiting my blog! Yours is very interseting! I’ll be back often!!! Thank you for sharing!! It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it??
    Enjoy life!

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