Picture worth a thousand words

What they go through to propose to females!!!

Did you have anyone go to those lengths (err heights) for you ever???

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10 Responses to “ Picture worth a thousand words ”

  1. this is just tooooo adorable Pearl !!!!!!

  2. I had a chuckle too :) although I have to confess, I hate the squirrels in my yard lol

  3. That’s a good one Pearl and no I have to admit I haven’t

  4. too nice pic that reflet many feelings :)

  5. So cuuuute…

  6. glad you guys liked it :)

  7. Pearl – How awesome. I had to run and get my wife so she could see it. And yes, there has been one and only one who went to such lengths – and I’ve been most happily married to her for 22 years – and praying that there’s 22 more!
    Thanks for the amazing photo.

  8. Hey Morganlighter: Congratulations to you and your wife! :) and Yes, I wish you both a long, healthy and very happy life together! :) thanks for visiting – stay in touch!

  9. that photos is just so cute! haha. it put a smile on my face. now how i wish my hamster could really do that. haha.

  10. Snork!

    ” I get by with a little help from my friends.”

    It’s the truth, too.

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