Queen Victoria – June 20, 1837 (History)

Did you know that Queen Victoria was only 18 years old on June 20th, 1837 (that is exactly 170 years ago Today) when she took over Great Britain?

Queen Victoria ruled for more than 63 years, longer than any other British monarch. Her reign coincided with the height of the industrial revolution and was marked by significant social, economic, and technological changes in the UK. The Irish Potato Famine adversely affected Victoria’s popularity, despite the fact that she donated 5,000 pounds to the starving Irish people; why was this the case? Read more at encyclopedia article)

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4 Responses to “ Queen Victoria – June 20, 1837 (History) ”

  1. yeah – isn’t that something? and she was the empress of not only England, but many other countries in a matter of few years after that – almost half the world!! thanks for stopping by Shankar… tc and kit

  2. yes, i believe she might have been!! thanks for checking the plugin

  3. She came into power when she was 18 :O Great.

  4. Yeah, she was even there when the British ruled India right?
    Great lady.
    BTW, your subscribe to comments plugin is working :)

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