Why do we end up crying sometimes

 after having a hearty laughter?

happy moments

photo by prakhar

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8 Responses to “ Question ”

  1. GOOD question I just couldnt answer it:)

  2. mmm becuz you are exepriencing a roller coaster of emotion, full circle?


  3. @harleyblues: yeah seems like we probably hit the highest of notes where the two emotions meet and the clash occurs – or something like that ;) I was just wondering what happens :) thanks for some answer – most people today just passed by without commenting lol and I can understand..

    @kaylee: :) neither could I…but I sometimes wonder about questions like this

  4. hi Pearl
    I suppose…becuase the 2 emotions are at opposite ends…of the emotional spectrum…
    I have seen people in life threatening situations start giggling or laughing …I think it has to do with how the individual person reacts…..when they are in shock…the body just clicks in with its defensive mechanism……as they say “laughter is the best medicine”
    have a great day !!!!

  5. hey Kim – thanks for stopping by.. guess you are right, I have seen that too, and I myself have done that actually, tears when laughing, but today I saw a friend go nuts with laughter and then stark opposite happened where she couldn’t stop crying! ;)

    its night where I am so gn from me…:)

  6. When we have a huge emotional outpour… either cry or belly-laugh it all comes out together?

  7. Hiya Pearl,

    I’m always thinking, wondering, pondering .. and it’s somethin I usually add to a post. I often post cryptic messages. it’s kinda hard to incorporate that into my present blog tho.


    like your blog I gave you a vote!!

  8. thanks for the vote harleyblues :) i appreciate it and i just posted a message for you to try viral tags .. good luck..

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