Quick Update – Back Up Your Blog

As many of you might have seen (or not seen the blog) that my blog was not available since last night. I wrote a post in the evening, saw it alive and saw everything looked cool. Later when I tried to open the site, it started giving database error. Needless to say, I panicked. Talked to a few friends online who were extraordinarily helpful.. Thanks Tom and Thanks Ken! You guys are awesome!

Live chat on blue host is great – except when you lose the data even they cannot bring it back! They told me there was some problem with MySQL on the server my blog was hosted. At first they couldn’t find the database for my blog – now that was really scary.. how could the entire database just disappear from your account? But then the tech support, David (who was awesome… Thank you so much David) was able to find it in the backup – from June 28th, which meant I lost the post I wrote last night. Oh well, I was disappointed but at least the blog is saved. I hadn’t thought about it honestly. This is just the second week of this blog on wordpress. So needless to say I did some research on backing up your blog and was amazed how much is out there on the web on this subject. So many people have lost their data and some even the entire blogs.

There is a lot of information if you google ‘back up your wordpress blog’ but I found Lorelle’s site most helpful and resourceful of all.

Back Up Your WordPress Blog

I will be reading everything there is to know about backing up the blog as well as the themes :)

Do you have horror stories about your blog too? Would you like to share them with me?

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18 Responses to “ Quick Update – Back Up Your Blog ”

  1. What do you think of WordPress?

    I am using it also but I find it a little confusing. But remember, I am brand new to the bloggin world. This is my second weekend. I am trying to figure out how to update mine to the new version (think I have 2.0 now).

    Anyone out there that is willing to help and guide me through let me know.

    Pearl – I like the look. It is clean.

  2. hi Bowrag – I should be writing something on my experience i guess… I have felt overwhelmed but i am really glad i switched though… i am glad you like the look – i’ve been playing with different templates though :) will head over your blog soon..

    hey Kaylee – I like the fact I am on wordpress… there is a lot you can do with it – the only thing is to learn it … and I have a lot to explore!! you should switch too …:)

  3. Pearl,
    I like the look of this template. Can’t imagine the thoughts going through your head when they couldn’t find your data.

    Smart move by the way to have just a teaser on your feed!

  4. hey Jen.. you like it ? I am glad because I keep trying different themes – and sort of feel I could do better.. yes it wasn’t a nice feeling at all especially them telling me there is NO database attached to my blog :(

    .. but I had to make sure the tech support doesn’t just forget about me.. and keep talking to them.. it was definitely stressful!!

  5. i hate blogger is word press better?

  6. i am thinking about it:)

  7. Sorry you lost the post… glad everything worked out in the end.

    Thanks so much for the info! It’ll help, especially when I move to my own domain.

  8. hey Sibbia – yes I couldn’t get it.. I heard from one of my RSS subscribers that they see that post… but it just disappeared from the db.. lessons learnt.. thanks for stopping by and i famed you at bloggingtofame

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