Signed up with BlueHost

My much awaited first step towards moving this blog to wordpress :)

Today I signed up with BlueHost . I am right now looking for a nice template that maches with what I have here on this blogger blog, but with 3 columns!

I like the color scheme this rounders 2 of blogger had, so I am looking for similar or close matches. And I would really appreciate any ideas and/or suggestions you might have on what themes work, or don’t work, look good and inviting and what does not look good!

I am browsing though the Theme Viewer right now. If you know of some good place to look for 3 column templates, please let me know..

Oh By the way, I would so happy to see this ‘continue reading’ link disappear finally on wordpress!! On Blogger, for longer posts, this is the only way to collapse them, but if the post is short, this darn thing cannot be removed! ;)

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18 Responses to “ Signed up with BlueHost ”

  1. hey Kim.. thanks although I am a bit apprehensive of the whole process!! you are the artist.. send me some designs with my picture in the background ;) glad to have you back…tc and kit

    hi Paul – welcome and thanks for the suggestion, I looked at your reviews, was pretty helpful :) haven’t decided anything yet

    hey maurizio – thanks for stopping by :) your site is coming along great … good info too.. i do visit you often :)

  2. Are you using wordpress?

  3. yes.. :) that was quick ..

  4. hi Pearl
    I am quite inept when it comes to designing just about anything for websites….you have a much better chance designing your background…..especially with your fairy/elf powers…..and that wonderful avatar…..

  5. Wow.. congrats Pearl! Finally you’re moving on with WordPress too.. :)

  6. Hey Shankar – thanks!! i am so so lost though :) still figuring out what to do next – you like the theme? I was a bit disappointed this morning although i had truckload of help yesterday from a kindest person I found!! will reveal in a few days :) i will install that plugin and some others soon….

  7. Hey Pearl!
    Congrats! I really like the theme you have now. Looking forward to see great posts. I have a suggestion: Please install the ‘Subscribe to comments’ plugin so that I, and others can keep track of comments :)

  8. Great, keep going :)

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