Ways to fall asleep

There are nights I fall fast asleep as soon as I crash in bed and there are times when I am up all night.. I am sure most of us have experienced those nights when we just are not tired and cannot fall asleep… tonight was one of those nights for me.

It could be because its Friday and there is no worry of getting up early tomorrow and there is no rush…. it is 2am and instead of watching TV, I am blogging…. wouldn’t you call it getting hooked? may be I am hooked to blogging!

So, I have been thinking about what to post next. This is a very young blog and I have not yet decided what I want it to become when it grows up, so I am not limiting my writings to any tight ‘niche’.

In a way, I feel it is nice to not have to write within those constraints! I like having the flexibility of being able to write about a varied topics. Although I read somewhere that Google AdSense gets confused if you jump from one topic to another across niches, that AdSense will not understand what kind of ads to display and that way you may be displaying ads that are not relevant to your content and no one will want to click on them and hence you will not make any money. I understand that to some extent, but I am also starting to feel that there are numerous blogs writing about ‘how to make money’ off of Internet, not enough of them are writing about the real life issues, how the culture of our society is evolving and many other aspects from which we could take away some good advice.

Anyways, I am still testing waters so I will be writing just about anything and everything that I feel passionate about and topics for which I feel there is an interest in the community and gets a response from my readers.

So for tonight, I am not able to think much of what to write, therefore I am going to outline some ideas that may be helpful to someone who is also struggling to fall asleep ;) and as I start to write, I am already starting to doze off.. :)

So, here are some things that come to my mind at this ungodly hour!!

  • take deep breaths and let go of worries as you breath out
  • exercise at least two hours prior to going to bed
  • avoid neon lighted or illuminated clocks
  • avoid caffeine before going to bed
  • visualize something peaceful and serene
  • warm bath and warm milk are known to help

Do you know any more of those remedies that help fall asleep faster? :)

gn & sd

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6 Responses to “ Ways to fall asleep ”

  1. I definitely find that I cannot stay in bed if I can’t sleep because I get all agitated and it makes the situation much worse and I become more wide awake.
    Warm milk with a teaspoon of honey helps. Reading a book as well.
    Surprisingly enough, caffeine doesn’t affect me at night so I’m lucky, it actually helps calm me down enough so that I can fall asleep… heh, how about that!?!

  2. Hi Michele – yeah thats what happened to me too :) it was like my metabolism was on auto.. and i had been awake for more than 21 hours :) and caffeine doesn’t affect me at night either :) I forgot all about that milk with honey!! hey – stop by again.. :)

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  4. Yeah, I haven’t been able to fall asleep until about 3 o’clock or later. It really bothers me, I’ve tried all the things websites tell you to do when you have trouble sleeping but they just don’t work. I might just go to medication. I’ve never gotten addicted to that so hopefully it will help.

  5. I can’t sleep early and I don’t know why.. So I’m really thsnkful to you for sharing those ways. I hope they can help.

  6. There are so many reasons why you can’t get a good nights sleep. However, you should first try the natural treatments which are sometimes the best. One tip is to learn about deep breathing exercises, which you can do just before bedtime. Bringing your body & mind into a more relaxed state can certainly help in a lot of cases.

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