Yahoo Photos is Closing September

If you used to have yahoo account before Gmail came into being, I’m sure a lot of you must also have kept a lot of photos in Yahoo Photos! And you must have heard that they are closing? Well, if you didn’t, they had announced earlier this year that they were going to shut down their service of hosting photos because they had bought Flickr.

Well, Now they have announced the date they are going to shut that service down.

If you want to keep your pictures, you would have to log into your yahoo photos account before September 20, 2007, and do either:

1. Move your pictures to One of the services listed below:

Kodak Gallery

2. If you want to download your pictures, you would have to go to each picture and select ‘DOWNLOAD’ above that picture. The drawback of this method is that yahoo does not provide any means to download multiple pictures at once so if you have hundreds of pictures, you’ll be sitting in front of that pc clicking away most of the day!!

3. If you do not want to do the above two, you could pay a small amount to yahoo and buy yourself an archive CD of all of your pictures. You can do this right from your account by selecting the archive CD option. The price for 700MB of photos is $6.95. The point to note is that once you have moved your photos by choosing one or all of these options, there is no way you will be able to see those photos in yahoo!

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that once you have chosen to move them to another service, say now you decide you also wanted to buy that CD from yahoo, you will not be able to do that. So choose your options carefully.

Now I am not sure about the numbers, and I am guessing there might still be millions of yahoo users out there who are still using their photo services. I know I still have a lot of the pictures sitting with them and I am going to have to spend some time sorting this out.

So do not wait until the last minute and save your photos!!

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7 Responses to “ Yahoo Photos is Closing September ”

  1. Thanks for that. :)

    I logged into my “original” Yahoo account and actually found out that I had uploaded a photo there about 4 years ago. Go figure ;)


  2. I am glad this helped you :) tc

  3. ahh it makes perfect sense … no need to hv yahoophotos and flickr!!!

  4. Hey confessing7girl.. glad to have you back :) stay in touch!

  5. nice article. It helped me.

  6. hey chamatkaribaba – Im glad it helped you…. thanks for stopping by..

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