A Real Interesting Observation I think!

Look closely at the ad from Auction Ads that appeared here just now

It is about the google adsense websites and something about the PR5 and PR6… I cannot make out what it is all about

and the interesting thing was that it was right above the adsense ads

What I couldn’t comprehend was her attire!! What does that have to do with google adsense software? or even the Page Rank?

I need a real fresh perspective on this one! Anyone?

what is this ad for?

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3 Responses to “ A Real Interesting Observation I think! ”

  1. hi shankar – thanks for commenting … I was so not going to post it last night because yes it is embarrassing – but I did want to point out how needless nonsense these ads are sometimes… I might take them out soon too! And even thought the blog might have the best of information on it, these ads take away its quality altogether!

  2. Yep! That’s right. Ads and pictures are so stupid on AuctionAds (and also irrelevant). Sometimes pretty embarassing. Took it off on my blog.

  3. Looks like you’ve already yanked the ads…good move, you’re too genuine for that kind of nonsense…

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