A Very Happy Birthday Ray!!


Allow me to share with you guys a bit of fun I had this morning… I visited Adnan’s site via my feed, blogtrepreneur and found he has a post up wishing Ray from FreshBlogger a warm Happy Birthday! and had a small contest going on where he asked people to guess Ray’s age. And the first person guessing Ray’s age was going to win a text link (FREE) in blogtrepreneur’s side bar for a MONTH… YES… and voila… How difficult it can be?

I went on Ray’s About page and there, he has his age listed … and off I go to shoot a comment on Adnan’s site… only to come back after lunch to see that I have WON…

The hilarious thing is that even when in my comment I wrote where I saw Ray’s age, the person who commented just below mine has a different number … and the one below him has another number ….DUH… lol I mean how can you not read a little into what the conversation is and what someone else said before you? Do you read what other people are talking about in the same conversation? Or you just write whatever comes to your mind?

This is a very good news for me because Blogtrpreneur is a PR5 Blog and this might be the last week before Google updates their Page Ranks and I do need that link … Thank you so much Adnan!

Happy 37th Birthday Ray Dotson

Anyways, many many happy returns of the day Ray!!

Why don’t you go over to the freshblogger and wish Ray a happy birthday too!!

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18 Responses to “ A Very Happy Birthday Ray!! ”

  1. hahaha Kim … you are really something….my lady queen… please don’t embarrass me :) I am heading over to Queen’s Palace right now to explain ;)

  2. kaylee

    may be you should be resting ??

    I hope you feel better….. will talk to you soon!!!

  3. Congrats on your prize…well deserved! I’m adding you (of course) to a link train I just found on JM’s site..if I haven’t been beaten to it yet by one of your other fans ;-)

  4. PearlBaby, I can be had but I ain’t cheap, TeeHee! Yanno I’m just giving ya a bad time cuz I luv’s ya, doncha?^5!

  5. Happy day! Congratulation, Ray! Hope your life get even better from your past years! :D

  6. Hi Andy – yes it was sort of funny although I was thinking all along if I was participating why did I write where I found the information :-) I knew I was right so thought anyone who came after me would just know I got the answer :) ……. anyway, it turned into good fun yesterday!! welcome to my blog and keep in touch!!

  7. Haha funny that no-one read your comment. To answer your question it depends on the blog as to whether I’ll read all the comments before posting.

    Some sites (like JohnChow) are filled with fanboys whose comments add little, so in that case I’ll scroll right down and just add my own.

    Also it depends on how much spare time I have!

  8. […] Blogtrepreneur and Pearl from Interesting Observations were kind enough to write posts wishing me a happy birthday and many happy returns. Thank you both for your kind […]

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