Amazon eStore Split in Half?

Who says blogging is easy?  I do hear from my family and friends that its a wastage of time!!  That is because I haven’t made any money….. and I have not been actively trying to make money off of this blog.   But I do want to try different means of making money.  Aren’t we all?    With limited time available how can you work on your blog to continue to make it better, design wise, spit out best of content like problogger and emoms and participate in the community,  engage with your readers’ blogs, comment on theirs,  read enormous amount of information available on other people’s blogs, either in your niche or the ones you just love to read for pleasure?  

I have been trying to come up with a schedule to try to fit in all of these and more in my blogging.  So, this weekend I have been working on getting my Amazon estore incorporated in my blog.  Look at the Recommended page up in the navigation.   Needless to say, I am having difficulties fitting the entire Amazon page into my blog’s page width.  On the right hand side, there is an entire sidebar that is not fitting in the blog’s design and that is where different categories and the shopping cart are located!  Does any of you have Amazon estore in your blog?  Did you run into similar problem?  If you were able to come up with a workaround this problem, I would certainly appreciate any help in getting my store working properly. 

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7 Responses to “ Amazon eStore Split in Half? ”

  1. Gosh Pearl, it looks like your page may be a three column skin, yet is it? I looked your store in IE, Netscape, Firefox and Opera and the store looks like a neat and tidy layout except it appears that you have some empty space on it. Is that what you’re asking? I had a collection of ebay skins for ebay’s online stores at one time and am presently looking for them just for you to see. I’ve yet to locate them [doh!] but if I find them, are you interested in me sending them to you? I don’t have an ebay store yet someone had sent these to me for nada and I am more than pleased to share them with you, that is, if I locate them.

  2. Hey Saboma – the store looks good on Amazon’s site but not on my Recommended page! the second column that you see on the store is not fitting in the page on this blog!! I am not sure how to incorporate the ebay skins with amazone store…… but send them to my email tyropearl at gmail dot com if you find them… thanks so much Saboma!!

  3. Hi Pearl,
    Your left column needs to be wider to fit the Amazon section in. With some tweaking to your template this can be done and your blog will still fit within a 1028 x 768 resolution.

  4. hey Sue.. welcome to my little place…. I think you are right – it could be done, but for that one page I am kind of hesitant to tweak the template again, you haven’t seen it but I broke the template once trying to do some mods and it wasn’t a pretty site :-)

    i might just make another single PAGE template somehow to fit it in here… or if worst comes to worst, i might just put a link in my sidebar to some books and the e-store!!

    thanks for stopping by and commenting!! tc and kit

  5. Hi Pearl,
    I’ve just browsed over to your Recommendations page and agree with Sue that you need to tweak your templates left column. Another thought could be a Tower as in your sidebar or dedicate a page with maybe just a single side bar, put your Amazon eStore in the post and link to other products on the sidebar?

    Just a passing thought :o)

    take care and catch you later

  6. Hi Colin… to be honest, I am really afraid to work with template code again :) Problem is I am not very familiar with php programming .. so if I break it again, I’ll be in deep trouble!

    I think I like the idea of putting a tower in the side bar though… with a link to go to the eStore at amazon.. that would take out the need to have another page which I think might be difficult to do, what do you think? I am going to try that this weekend!

    thanks for looking out though ;) and pls stay in touch….

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