Bloggers Helping Bloggers – Its a wonderful world!

Tomorrow Interesting Observations will complete full two weeks on wordpress! So I think it is time to let you guys in on a little secret.

You see these stars here? They represent the best bloggers I met in the last two weeks who helped me not only with my migration from blogger to wordpress, but also helped set up my template!

So this post is dedicated to the awesome bloggers who helped make it happen!

Stars of Fresh Perspectives

My first shout out goes to beautiful Jordan McCollum, the most passionate, caring and knowledgeable blogging expert out there!

Jordan from MamaBlogga

If it weren’t for Jordan’s undivided attention and support during the migration, I would probably still be struggling with this stuff. As I was browsing the Internet looking for guides and instructions on moving the blog from blogger to wordpress, I came across Jordan’s Ultimate Guide to Migrating from Blogger to WordPress and needless to say wrote her an email. Jordan was not only quick in replying back, but was extremely cooperating in working with me on my schedule! After contacting her I got busy for a few days and honestly did not even read the guide. I guess Jordan’s assurance that she would walk me through the migration, had spoiled me.   Jordan,  not only guided me in moving all the files to wordpress,  she also worked on modifying the theme I had picked out…   Needless to say,  the transfer was extraordinarily smooth.

Jordan not only maintains her own blog at mamablogga where you can see her utmost love for her family as she finds fulfillment in motherhood, taking care of her most adorable little son, she is also a well known professional Internet marketing and blogging expert and is employed as the Assistant Editor at Marketing Pilgrim, a site that ‘brings the latest news, rumors and review for all things related to Internet marketing and online advertising.’

My second heartfelt thanks go out to Ken Xu of MySite’s Advisor Blogging Spot. Well, within the first few days of getting on wordpress, just like many people do, I felt like I wanted to change the template. Ken Xu When Ken realized how I was fretting over all the changes I would need to make to the blogging pro template to make it look burgundy, he went ahead and wrote the entire guide on why he recommends bloggingpro theme for my needs.

He was just determined to make me learn and wrote another guide on how to tweak this template! ALL of those posts dedicated to me!! Who could have asked for more? Well, Ken even went ahead and designed this template for me =)

Last but not the least, I want to thank the handsome pilot Tom Simon from the NetBusinessJournal

Tom Simon

While all the template changes were still going on, the site comes to a total halt one day! If you recall me mentioning about it shortly, my hosting provider could not find the database! Needless to say, I panicked. That’s when my best blogging buddies [sorry Tom, I couldn’t resist stealing that ;)] Ken and Tom Simon of NetbusinessJournal came to my rescue! While Ken took up the task of talking to tech support guys through the host’s Live support, Tom goes searching the entire wordpress support looking for any documentation on what might have caused this havoc and I couldn’t even log into the blog!

And all of this was happening at 2 am ! And I was dead exhausted while these wonderful guys were trying to help me. I wanted to say to them very politely, forget it guys, to heck with this blog, I just wanna go to sleep… But I didn’t have the heart to say that …

Oh, I forgot to mention, Tom’s laptop was running on less than 15% power and he was in the middle of his article that he needed to finish before the laptop went completely dead on him :)

I want to say to all of you – THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!

In the few weeks of my blogging life, I have found a number of kind and nice people who are always ready to help out and genuinely want to see you succeed. From the time I started to think about moving from blogger to wordpress, to today and even as I write this, I have had many people write emails with offers to help out and to all of them, am extremely thankful.

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13 Responses to “ Bloggers Helping Bloggers – Its a wonderful world! ”

  1. LOL Tom.. you are funny… you had to wipe off tears and I couldn’t stop laughing =) seriously, thank you so much for being there

  2. hi Pearl
    so hard to believe that you only changed over to wordpress only 2 weeks ago….it’s looking great !!!…..and it sounds like you had some great pals helping you out…….

  3. Hi Kim….yes – I am really proud of all of the friends I have made in such a short time….. its a wonderful feeling working with such a supportive community…

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