Are you comfortable with the way things are in your life or the way you are today?

Are you really doing what you imagined you would be doing? say a few years ago?

I am always thinking about these questions and always planning in my mind what I should be doing to make my life a little better. I am sure everyone does that in his or her own way. But often times we get too comfortable in the way things are. We adapt and adjust and try to make everyone around us happy and avoid criticisms and go though days and nights as if nothing is wrong in our lives. And if someone asks, ‘how are you?’, our quick response usually is ‘great, thanks’ with a smile. But the real question is, Is that how we feel on the inside?

I think most people train themselves to be comfortable with their daily routines. Because learning something new and doing something different would mean you are trying to change things. Change is usually not very comforting for many!! Changing something might upset someone in your life, and others around you might start feeling threatened or may even try to oppose you until you stop.

So in order to achieve our dreams and be content (not just happy), I think it is almost necessary that we do something to become uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts?  Would you rather stay comfortable in your current situation or go through difficulties now to ultimately fulfill your dreams?

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17 Responses to “ Comfortable? ”

  1. @Mark – great to see you here! I agree we don’t have to change merely for the sake of change…. but I believe often times we become complacent and not realize we could be so much more, and accomplish things that we once dreamed of! but for various reasons, just cannot take that plunge!

    are we disagreeing? AGAIN?? ;) I am glad you like the template… yes, db loss? that was a bit nerve wrecking to say the least…. but you know what? I did tell myself, if its all gone, to heck with it, i’ll start again :) I am glad you finally like those ‘Interesting Observations’ lol..

    @Jen – you are right – change has to be in positive direction… of course :) otherwise whats the point… but sometimes we are held back for fear of unknowns – there are no guarantees in life and i feel we hold ourselves back from a lot of the fears that may never materialize… don’t you think?

  2. Hey Pearl – Definitely love the new look, very clean and, of course, colorful! It all adds up to a very inviting site…a place you want to come to just to chill…and think!
    Rather profound, though not unexpectedly so, thoughts you’ve expressed here. The part that resonated the most with me…”I think it is almost necessary that we do something to become uncomfortable.”
    I seem to be living that very concept right now…

  3. hey Tom – I am really glad you like the template… Like you said, its an ongoing project and I am so glad its sort of forcing me to learn things I always wanted to…

    and I am really flattered by all that you said here =)

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  5. Comfortable is Boring !!!******

    Learning a Growing everyday is Much More Fun and Exciting !!!******

    In our work and our personal interest, learning more is good in So Many ways. Makes Live Much more Interesting and Exciting !!!******

    All the Best My Friend’z !!!******

  6. Hey Greg.. thanks for stopping by and commenting.. :) take care and stay in touch..

  7. […] Comfortable? […]

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