from blue to burgundy

Oh I am soo not happy with the colors of this template!! I LOVEd that red header of my other template but I think I broke some code! Well, I had only one eye functional today as I had a minor laser surgery yesterday and I was ‘theoretically’ not supposed to be working on the pc but you know I am addicted and started working with it! Only to find that I had broken the BidVertizer code! One thing led to another and before I knew, I ended up messing everything completely!!

This template was designed by Maki from DoshDosh and Daniel from the wrong advices . I love the fact that this template comes with adsense already well placed in strategic places and I did not have to do anything but change my publisher id. BUT I have to say that the theme is not at all pretty! its very plain. Look at their own websites, the background is clean and the sites are prettier than the templates they built. I am a long time subscriber to Dosh Dosh and the wrong advices and I love to read them both – well I read Maki much more than Daniel and I love the information they provide [I wanted to really say I love them both, just couldn’t bring myself to say it somehow, don’t know why, heck they don’t even know me] … But color schemes on prosense are too plain.

I will be trying to fix my other template or try to find one just like that…… I know you all loved it too…. but until then, bear with me….Or if you know of a good template with the same color schemes I had, send me the info via the contact form.

In the meantime, enjoy the site but don’t feel so blue!!!

UPDATE: So I am back to burgundy… this sounds a bit confusing doesn’t it? well some of you did see the broken site and soon after everything got all messed up, I switched to Maki’s blue adsense theme but after fixing this template, I am back to burgundy!

Anyways, check out Dosh Dosh’s themes if you are thinking of changing templates, they are really solid and functional themes besides colors.

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16 Responses to “ from blue to burgundy ”

  1. Your Rockin it gurllllll
    IM tailights all the best harleyblues Christina

  2. Christina – glad you found your way back here :-) I thought last time you were asking who is pearl? hehe – welcome back!! you are doing great yourself…. stay in touch and come back again….

  3. Hi Pearl,
    I’m trying to change from Blogger to WordPress and finding it all very confusing. Even for simple things like changing the header font you seem to have read a 500 page manual and still not know what you are supposed to do. Dosh Dosh’s theme seems to be ideal (from what people say) but I agree with you, the colours are awful – it looks like a brown blogger blog. Why don’t they use the same colours as they use on the Dosh Dosh blog which looks really good ? I will downloa dit anyway as it seems to have all the adsense things aleready installed in the right place, but I suspect once I’ve downloaded it, there will still be things I don’t like ! How do you find out how to change a font ? Any suggestions ?

  4. Hey Vic, congrats on the decision to move, its really worth it in the long run! it is confusing in the beginning but don’t read the entire manual :) it’ll confuse you further…

    Most the fonts and colors are in the style file ….. I’d suggest getting a test site to test different themes … you can follow the same process of hosting this test domain with your current host…. I really like Dosh Dosh templates .. they have very clean and understandable code and structure, even if you want to add more adsense etc…… but I didn’t like the colors :) and didn’t have the time to mess around with the code..

    funny you wrote about Maki’s themes, I was just reading his article :) he is pretty down to earth and might even find the time to give you some pointers if you wrote to him!

    did you move it already? I host at bluehost and their live support is excellent and can literally walk you thru all the steps or sometimes they’ll just do it for you! install wordpress I mean!

  5. yeah, Word is really non cooperative with anything webby! I had read many places saying godaddy didn’t have support for wordpress, so my domains are still with them, but blog is with bluehost..

    good luck… don’t hesitate asking if something doesn’t work… I found most people here are very supportive :)

  6. Hi Pearl,
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    The blog I am converting to WordPress is my financiial one – financialmites – if that works ot OK I’ll change the others too. At the moment I’ve hosted it with Godaddy, but I guess I can change that later.
    I was having a problem with the 3 column templates but finally stumbled upon the solution. For anyone else starting out with WordPress, tip no. 1 is don’t copy and paste using Word ! It messes up your formatting. You need to copy into Notepad first to get rid of all the formatting, otherwise your columns will be all over the place !
    Now I need to change the colour. It’s so blue !

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