I’m On To Another Journey!

Ah,  although I was not up to another one of these long train journeys,  I couldn’t resist because of that last line Tom of Net Business Journal wrote when he posted this on his site!   Were you throwing a guilt trip Tom?    Well, you’ve succeeded.    Also, I’d be honest, I want to see how many of the people listed in this train actually add me to their link trains. Do you think the root of all evil – john chow, or the brilliant Shoemoney would add me?    I highly highly doubt that… but then who knows?   It would be awesome to get a link on their blogs. So if you want to join in the fun ride, just hop on and you are welcome to do this experiment yourself.


Geek Train – All aboard!

1 – Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and linkback to the blog(s) that put you on the list in the paragraph. You MUST do this. No-one plans on getting slapped for duplicate content any time soon, do they?

2 – Next, copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your own blog. If you’d like a different keyword for your blog then change it, when you do your post, and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword, provided the train keeps on spreading.

3 – Take the adds from the blog that added you and place them in the “Originals” list.

4 – Add at least three new favourite blogs of yours to keep the train going, e-mail the blog owners (or comment on one of their posts) and insist that they post.

My Adds:

(The techie) Ashwin
(The blogtrepreneur) Adnan
(The writer) Ray Dotson

The Originals:

(The observant) Fresh Perspectives
(The clever) Cash For Comments
(The Thoughtful) Ilker Yoldas
(The kick-ass) Nate Whitehill
(The original) 13-Year Old Blogger
(The money-making) Affiliate Marketing guide
(The overclocker) Shawn Knight
(The incredible) Chris Hooley
(The rhetorical) Michael Kwan
(The talented) Leo Chiang
(The root of all evil) John Chow
(The business dude) Josh Mullineaux
(The brilliant) Shoemoney
(The absurdly loud) Ed Lau
(The mastermind) Jon Waraas
(The yaketty) Stephen Fung
(The wickedly cool) Everton Blair
(The uber blogger) Ms Danielle
(The AdSense magician) Michael Cheney
(The enterprising) Matt Coddington
(The monetizing minded) Daily Web Ideas
(The legendary) Gary Lee
(The nifty) Dosh Dosh
(The ambitious) Jeff Kee
(The crafty two at) TechRave
(The deaf guy) Deaf Musician
(The social guy) Alex Ion
(The cool guy) Ryan Shamus
(The high flying) Tom Simon

This link train is the brainchild of David Wilkinson, hyper, money-making kid, and kick-ass blog designer Nate Whitehill.


Oh and if you feel left out because no one has tagged you, just add yourself onto this list, including the originals by posting on your own site, and start right away! This is surely going to bring a wave of traffic your way, linkbacks and some general SEO goodness!

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15 Responses to “ I’m On To Another Journey! ”

  1. ah so Miss Observant…….it seems like we are all taking a train ride…well that has to be better than taking a plane ride…..:] : P

  2. tell me about it, I also just found out I was given that name :-) I actually LOVE train rides ….definitely better than plane flight of course…..

    And I will write that review for sure ;) I need to find the time to watch it first :) adios……………have a great weekend!!!

  3. Hi, how are you doing today, Just completed posting the train ride thing on my blog.

  4. Ok another meme! Sorry for this reaction but I hate them big time. once in a while its ok, but I will suggest that please don’t do them often.

  5. Hey Mayank… I know exactly how you feel, they take away the quality of the blog! and I’ll stay away from them :-)

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