“It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Shakespeare said these words,  but I have seen  The Thinking Blog  putting it in practice each and every day.  This is a site authored by the most beautiful and popular girl in the blogging world, named Ilker Yoldas.  I am sure you remember seeing her.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you better do it now.

Ilker Yoldas  Remember this girl?  I know all of you clicked on her picture  =)   But did you read what she has to say?

the thinking blog

I found this great site when I first joined the MyBlogLog about a couple of months ago and the tag line for this site  I Blog To Keep You Thinking  is what caught my attention.  I went to the site and instantly fell in love with the graphic design used on the site as well the superior content.  Look at Ilker’s MyBlogLog community.   It has a following of not hundreds, but thousands of people are looking forward to what Ilker is going to write next!   As of this writing,  4,123  people have joined her community and the number is growing every day.

She is running a contest on her site in which she is offering a chance to win a complete re-design (aka facelift) of your site!  Now, Ilker has superior designing skills and her graphics really stand out.  To see her skills and capabilities,  you can see  what she did to the Freshblogger graphics from ‘not so fresh’ to the current green version here, or to the current John Chow site to what could have been a beauty.

Since I am fairly new in blogging, and the site is still under development (only been on WordPress for merely two weeks),  I thought this was perfect timing for me to participate in the review contest,  and I certainly need help in making this site look a little more inviting!

Ilker keeps the blogging community thinking by providing very interesting and really thought provoking content such as her most popular post, Support Topless Women,  and also keeps everyone involved  in various activities in many different ways, such as through giving out the thinking awards to blogs that make us think.

There are a number of aspects to love about this site.  I love the fact that Ilker is so down to earth and it is reflected in her writing style.  Her articles range from ads, arts, cars, computers, creative to hobbies and images and travel and videos…. and many more!!  I like the fact that these categories are displayed right up top along with on the side bar, and are easy to browse through.  I love the bright orange and black colors of this site.  The header graphic symbolizing a fetus that is thinking and those flames shooting out of it are really cool, well – hot… I guess, its both…..;)

I feel her posts are always informative, always positive and full of things that keep making us think.  It takes some initiative and courage to get every one to agree to your ideas and Ilker is pretty smart at that.  She invented The Thinking Award meme for blogs that make us think!

My all time favorites in her blog are the pictures worth thousand words...

I love the openness she displays in her posts and is always ready to share secrets of her success.  For example, her post on Success, Fame and Making Money Online is really inspiring.  Her motto, her tag line, knowledge grows when shared, is absolutely appropriately utilized in her blog.

Don’t forget to check out her Technorati ranking!  The thinkingblog Ranks 86th amongst top 100!

Hmmm I am thinking the review is all positive, shouldn’t it have something I can recommend as an improvement?  Its really hard to come up with any negatives on this site.  Just about everything is done so tastefully.  I do have one recommendation though.  I saw in one of Ilker’s posts, she did not want to monetize the site, or at least not at the expense of the  content.  That is all fine, but this small meager little sign all the way at the bottom?

Buy Me a Drink!
Don’t you think my
content is worth at least $5?

Support Quality Content!

I think that’s the limit of being modest!  Ilker I think you need that big mug displaying on top of your page so we can see it clearly.  And of course your content is worth many more than $5.00.  I hope you continue to write premium content like this and continue to inspire us all.

If you are reading this post, make sure to check out The Thinking Blog, subscribe to her feed here and don’t forget to tell her you saw this killer review on my blog :)

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10 Responses to “ “It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.” ”

  1. “killer review”

    – I’m slain!! =)

  2. lol funny grl ;) I am so glad you like it!!

  3. tell me about that… ilker is slain, who the hell is gonna design my blog ?? lol that was really funny!! you are really good reviewer Ken.. but don’t beat me on this one :) your blog looks fine…;)

  4. yes kaylee…. thats my point :) tc

  5. I think her blog is helpful too i have read it before:)

  6. Oh, Blog Redesign? What a nuts offer! I’m in Ilker! :)
    Nice Review, Pearl. Ilker was slain! hahaha

  7. Ok, Ok. Pearl! ;p
    I will wait until you have win the contest first. I’ll in after that! ;p

  8. yup, i like the Thinking Blog as well. And you might like this new one, http://thinklikethem.com/ cool, it’s all about thinking (personally, i like the writing ^_^)

  9. hey Raf … thank you – I will check that blog out too

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