Re-Energizing your spirit

Ever since I have started blogging, I have been staying up later and later every night.  I feel I am in front of the computer a whole lot more than I was before, either it is checking out different blogs, or going through the readers, or even commenting on blogs.  Not only that, I am also talking about my blog to family and friends.  I talk about what I want to do with it, why I haven’t posted or how often I should post or if signed up with some affiliates.  The family members probably get bored with my rants about my blog!!  And I feel I am getting more and more exhausted physically but I love blogging.  This is like my new found hobby and I am addicted to it.  Although I am very tired for not getting enough sleep and rest, I feel immense happiness from even the minutest things that I am able to accomplish with my blog.

So, I am wondering, what wears people out more?  Physical exhaustion or mental strain? 

I think for most people, the obvious answer is mental strain.  Sadness, worry, boredom or even anger, can take even a bigger toll on us than any kind of physical activity.  But in order to get rid of  mental strain, many times you need to take a physical action.  Today I want to list some of the things that have worked for me in lifting my spirit up during times of stress and tension and may be you will find these helpful too.  If you do something that has worked for you, would you please share that with us?

  • Turn on some tunes
    I feel whenever I am stressed out or sad about something, turning on some nice music always changes my bad mood and helps in decreasing tension.  Often times we become so engrossed in sadness that even the thoughts of changing that mood start making us feel guilty, as if we are supposed to stay in that state of mind.   Listening to music helps most people in the gym, if you ever notice, people with headphones are usually jogging faster than the ones who jogg in silence. 
  • De-Clutter
    We all know how clutter can make us feel completely out of control and it definitely can be overwhelming if we are already feeling stressed and down.  Going through just one pile of clothes or papers, or even just one corner of a room can make us feel uplifted.  Simply accomplishing a goal, however minor it might be, can make us feel energized.
  • Let go of grudges
    I find anger and sadness often take over if we continue to dwell on grudges, and almost always results in our hearts  racing faster causing increased blood pressure.   We all know that this can lead to impaired thinking, impaired immune systems and ultimately causing physical harm.  This is a really vicious circle to get trapped in.  As we think more and more of the bad things that happened to us or someone did to us, we get more and more angry and more and more sad with each thought.  I often try to practice – although I am not always successful – to try to forgive those who have become the cause of harm.  It actually does help relieve a lot of the tension and forgiving someone gives you the feeling as if you are back in control.  Forgiving does not mean forgetting the wrongs someone did to us, it simply means that we accept the fact that the other person did not know any better for them to cause harm to us.   This is probably one of the hardest things to do but it does help to great extent.
  • Deep Breath
    Have you realized when we are angry, our breaths are shorter and shallow?  Less intake of oxygen into the lungs means less oxygen to brain and the entire body, which of course further drains our bodies of any energy.  Try to remember a sleeping baby.  Ever notice how their bellies rise and fall as they take deep breaths in?  That is what we as adults should try to achieve.  Deep belly breaths help the body to relax and while we are trying to concentrate on our beaths, it takes our minds off of the problem that caused the stress to begin with.
  • Dress Up Nicely
    This one is especially helpful in times when you don’t feel like doing anything.  During sadness and tension filled stressful periods, not paying attention to the way we dress up is very normal.  But instead try dressing  up a bit extra sharp when you are feeling sluggish.  Dressing in nicer attire counters our image of ourselves and boosts our morale especially when we receive compliments throughout the day.  Catching a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror, all dressed for success,  will automatically counter our crapy internal state of mind.

and finally I believe

  • Vent your feelings
    Keeping every negative emotion – fear, anger, anxiety and stresses – all pent up inside will eventually make us sicker. Talk to a friend, talk to some family member or just write it all down.  By giving some sort of vent to what you feel will eventually reduce its ability to sap your energy and will make you functional again.

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20 Responses to “ Re-Energizing your spirit ”

  1. @ Hi Peter.. yes we all are :) thanks for stopping by

    @Hi Ray…. thanks for stopping by.. you are so right….. thats why i think its even more of a necessity to train and control our minds

    @Hi Bowrag…. thinking is something thats never gonna stop – but to take our focus off of the things that worry us can help… these are I think short term solutions, and sometimes that is all we need from getting too trapped and get physically sick

  2. hey Joey.. thanks for stopping by.. I think you are really lucky to be the possessor of that trait.. Not too many of us have it… and yes, I do that sometimes, I’d check my blog at odd hours too.. its insane sometimes, but good insane :)

    Hey Ken…. Its interesting how we all humans are so alike in some things :) I don’t think there would be anyone on this planet who doesn’t feel refreshed from listening to calming music… I haven’t read that book, although sounds great and may be I should buy it…

  3. hi Sephyroth.. you got your new domain :) I just noticed..

    Now that I think about it, Music is on top of my list of de-stressers too.. I guess thats why subconsciously I wrote that as number one on this list too ;)

  4. kaylee – sorry i was not clear!! i meant if any of these help you and how your health is – both :)

  5. hi Pearl
    some very good points…and I agree with your point on music…great de-stressor…..and yes blogging is very addictive………and I keep reminding mysef …that moderation is a good thing…..with just about everything we do in life…but it’s also great to have a few areas that you are very passionate about…….

  6. Right…:) Its all about passion – I guess all bloggers are passionate about blogging… and it definitely is addicting… so whenever we are stressed may be we should make a post :) ….. that should have been on my list of de stressors

  7. Set up a Tune? That is a “must”!
    According to the book “Quantum Learning”, Tune or Music can stimulate our blood pressure and easing our nerves.
    I always tuning a meditation music or Slow Instrument Opera Like music when working. :)

  8. Hi Pearl – Exactly the kind of post I check in here for every day, usually late at night when I should be sleeping but instead find myself caught up in this new blogging addiction thinking about the writing I should have done and the reading I can’t tear myself away from….yea…me too!
    The deep breathing is particularly helpful to me…part of meditating, which I find incredibly de-stressing!

  9. hey Tom… you are right…. conscious relaxation through meditation is the key – it can really do wonders to so many arenas of our life!

  10. […] Re-energizing Your Spirit […]

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