Resisting Temptations or Yielding to them?

I love to read quotes and ponder upon their obvious meaning.  I also look for their hidden messages.   Analyzing everything is generally not a very good thing but it comes naturally to me and even when I try not to,  it just happens.

I read some of these quotes on temptation.  Each of them has a slightly different take but it got me thinking. 

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”

“The only trouble with resisting temptation is that you may not get another chance”

“Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations which it requires strength, strength and courage to yield to.”

“We gain the strength of the temptation we resist.”

“Ever notice that the whisper of temptation can be heard farther than the loudest call to duty.”

“Every temptation is an opportunity to triumph over evil.”

“I never resist temptation, because I have found that things that are bad for me do not tempt me.”

“We usually know what we can do, but temptation shows us who we are.”

“Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address.”

“The less the temptation the greater the sin”

“By persistently remaining single a man converts himself into a permanent public temptation.”

“Resist no temptation: a guilty conscience is more honorable than regret”

And this one had me completely confused!!

“Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself.”

Everyone struggles with something or another… it could be eating or drinking too much,  smoking several packs a day,  watching too much television,  shopping sprees when your closet is already overflowing,  gambling and such.  How difficult is it to resist to these temptations?   Do you end up yielding to them at times?  

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8 Responses to “ Resisting Temptations or Yielding to them? ”

  1. I think we all have to be kind to ourselves and being “naughty” or yielding to temptation every now and then is the outlet that we “choose” to relieve a bit of the boredom and stress of everyday life….
    yielding to temptation is … a lot of ways … going back to our childhood…..we had fun when we were children because basically we didn’t give much thought to what was right or wrong long as it was fun…..that’s why adults smile at children when they are having sword fights…eating candyfloss and and playing “grownups” in their cubby houses and childhood world……great quotes Pearl !!!!


    “Everyone struggles with something or another… it could be eating or drinking too much,watching too much television, shopping sprees when your closet is already overflowing”

    I have problems with all those.I do that stuff way too much.hehe.It is very diffucult for me to resist doing them but,When I have too I just go and do something else that I love to do that I dont do as often :)

  3. hi Kaylee – thanks for the comment

  4. you are right Kim…I guess its okay to give in to temptation every once in a while and not worry about the outcome .. I like that advice ;) and its okay to be a bit naughty at times, I agree… keeping that child like spirit is almost essential…

  5. temptation is double edge sword yes, but who is worried about getting slain when having fun? :)

    but i know what you mean… some things could turn into twice the temptation and half the fun!! if that makes any sense…:)

  6. Child like? Oh, I’m really like the idea. Children is really spirit-full then the adult. If we adult can maintain the “childish but not babylish” spirit within our heart, I believe we can even reach the stars! :D

    Well, Temptation is a double edge sword. Just becareful when using it! :)

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