Taking a Bow

I am almost blushing with embarrassment revealing that I was one of the chosen few to get the Master Schmoozer award from not one, but two bloggers this week! Gosh, I never thought of myself as being a schmoozer though…

Master Schmoozer - PearlI have mentioned on my blog before about the esteemed artist at Laketrees – Kim… She is an award winning portrait artist! You can see her work on her blog.. Laketrees. And an award coming from her?

Kim says she awards the schmoozer award to Pearl because:

Pearl at Interesting Observations is the sweetest…most unnaffected …..’princess’…….(who btw …happens to think that Prince William is a better catch than Leonardo Di Caprio)………Pearl writes interesting …thoughtful articles with a fresh…and open point of view…..and always responds to her readers in the same manner…..

The other blogger who thinks I am worthy of this award is Markeff – yes, you got it, our French Connection ;) .. he can be found blogging at the speed of light here . Mark calls me one of his A-List of much-esteemed bloggers/pen-pals ..

And Saboma from Maryannville – the kindest lady on earth confirms “Congratulations Pearl! You are every bit worth two awards and then some, Dahlink! Take your bow, Girlfriend”

What can I say really? Now those are some really kind and interesting words for yours truly! I am truly humbled and I thank you all for your generosity. And like any good girl, I take a bow =).

Honestly, I participate in the blogosphere not just for schmoozing though, I feel I am learning a great deal from all of your experience, and I enjoy if I can share something with you all. I feel we all need each other in one way or another. So if someone is helping me in some way, my efforts will be to be able to return the favor in some way shape or form.

I read a lot of blogs daily and feel there are a lot of newbies who start writing posts that do not give you a feel as if they are ‘talking’ to you. Why are we all blogging btw? I sit in front of the computer ‘box’, not because I like staring at the screen. I really love to talk to people, and I want to hear from them. I actually feel I am making a connection with you when I am writing on my blog. I hope I can reach out to more and more interesting people and make life long friends.

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13 Responses to “ Taking a Bow ”

  1. Yeah, it is; I had gotten lost in distraction for a while there, but I’m setting goals for myself for commenting, blogging, etc. so that I actually feel like I’m *doing* something.

    I kinda figured that the box was for that, but there’s no text by it ;)

    No worries about the moderation queue; it’s the first time I’ve commented since you switched to WP ;)

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