What is your message?

I recently did a meme on five reasons why I blog.  As days go by and I learn more and more about blogging,  I am finding that my reasons to blog are sort of developing.  As I get more and more comfortable with this medium of sharing with others, I think about what it is that I want to say that will be interesting to anyone who lands up on this page. On one hand,  I feel restrained in that I do not want to put out too much of my personal detail that might not be necessary and might complicate things for me in my personal life, but on the other hand I feel I am free to write whatever I might be feeling at the moment and get a good feedback from so many of talented and experienced writers themselves.  

I have heard it many times and read it on many established blogs that we need to first figure out what we want to blog about.  I thought I always knew I had something to say.  But I didn't quite know what that something was.  So how can you immediately carve out your niche?   This is especially very difficult if you are not going to blog about [or do not have enough knowledge about] the gadgets or SEO or say 'how to make money online'  or even technology?  I feel I have enough knowledge about all of the above – well may be not – but enough to get by,  but somehow I do not consider myself to be a guru in any one subject to be blogging about just that!   How about you?  Are you concentrating only on one theme or one subject as far as blogging is concerned?  Have you found your niche yet?  If you have, what made you decide that is what you were going to blog about?

For me, it is a discovery process and every day is a challenge.  I write about  everything that goes on in my mind from my experiences and how I go about tackling life or how I plan to tackle various issues I am faced with.  My blog is about fresh perspectives on many aspects of life and my observations on things I find interesting,  hence the name Interesting Observations.  This is a place I want to express what I think about and my feelings, and in the process find my voice, as freshblogger pointed out sometime ago.  My effort will always be to make my blog worth visiting for my readers.

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21 Responses to “ What is your message? ”

  1. Let your light shine brightly, Love.
    It’s amazing how many people are looking for a lighthouse’s guidance.
    So, shine, your heart away, DarlinMine; then, shine some more.
    It only takes one lit match to ward off the darkness.


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