What should I write in my “About Me” page?

I guess I cannot escape too long from writing my about page.  I keep receiving emails and chat messages on getting my About page done.  This is the most difficult part to write in the entire process of blogging, isn’t it?

I do want to start by saying that I am indeed a female as some of you have expressed concerns and questioned me a number of times.  I also want to assure you that it is highly unlikely that this fact of me being a female is going to change this lifetime! phew!

Now, with that out of the way,  I think the about page shouldn’t really be about me, should it?   You mean an about page for this site!  Right,  That is what I am going to talk about here.

My today’s post ‘What is your message?’ has helped me realize the About Me page.  Most of the people who got to know me a bit via emails and chats probably know this, but for all of those who haven’t yet contacted me via these mediums,  I’ll let you in on myself a bit.   I have a very keen sense of observation and am always thirsting to learn more and do better.  Many times I feel I am in a fierce competition with my own set of rules and principles that I have created over the years!   I compete with myself in that I want to learn to handle situations in a better manner than I did previously.  This is an ongoing process for me as I try to improve myself with my responses to different life situations.  So, on this site, as I said in my previous post,  I plan to write my perspectives on all things, situations and issues I find interesting as I travel though life, get all of your feedback so we all improve upon our life skills and become more productive.

But more than what we think of ourselves and our work and our little sites,  its really our readers who get to decide who we are and what we represent.  In that regard, I would like to take you to a place where some of my friends have been talking openly about me in a recently done review of this poor little site!

Then comes my friend Mihaela Lica from ewritings.  This is what Mig has to say.   Mig is adept at unleashing people’s dreams.  And when Mig found out I was a dreamer,  she offered to unleash my dreams too :)

Here is how Mig sees me, visually as well as in her words:

Your is a magic world of fairies and elves, where fantasy creatures run free and the Pearls (your symbol) dominate the scenery with their magic beauty. Your soul is serene and wild at times. A paradox in every way.  You have inner conflicts that you solve in a timely manner, with distinctive grace.

Mig’s praise continued in her entry for blogging to fame and in her words,  “Pearl’s style is one of random questions and answers, of fresh perspectives indeed. She’s got really good entries, analyzing random topics she finds online, sharing her own experiences, questioning their value, dissecting their meanings and triggering controversial reactions. To find Pearl’s best entries you’ll need to browse the site and discover them. I lead you to one I really enjoyed reading Communication, Learning the Basics! and let you discover the rest.”

Mig – You are truly a great friend!  I wish you my bests in everything you do.

Then comes Ken Xu.  Ken has become a great friend of mine in the last few weeks.  He is a kind hearted intelligent and very hard working individual.   Ken reviewed my site yesterday!   Ken’s site is a good role model for me.

I am also proud to tell you that Jennifer from The life of a School Bus Driver picked me my blog as Blog of the Day.  Thank you Jennifer!

Jen and Ken sometimes read my blog during breakfast or morning coffee :)  What better compliment than this that your writing gets read by someone as they start their day?

I have mentioned Kim the beautiful Artist who continues to tell me I am a princess!  I am no where near a princess, as we all know, but it sure makes me feel like one!  I feel I am still in a dream!

There!  This site is all about you and me – us together!  You all make this site a wonderful place.

Please say a hello if you are visiting for the first time.  If you have been here for sometime,  tell me how I can improve it so you can come back again to enjoy it more.

If this ABOUT ME feels good, then I may just copy and paste it on my about page soon. ;)  Let me know!

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26 Responses to “ What should I write in my “About Me” page? ”

  1. That’s a good start to an about me page, especially the bit about your being a competitor; that’s the kind of thing I’d expect to see on one. You’re just about there, a little more work and I think you can get it to go live :)


  2. thanks for mentioning me in your post Princess Pearl :) :)
    I have found that whenever I do a CV or read CVS I am drawn to the referees’ quotes. Sometimes people see you in a more unbiased way than you would see yourself…..all of these testimonials are wonderful and Mig’s image of you is magical…….
    I think you should quote some of these wonderful observations in your “about me”….
    my about me was compiled by Deborah at Life in the Fast Lane…and I have linked to it……she wrote about me and my artwork much better than I ever could have….
    and Saboma says she is a Princess in her profile !!!!! with 27,000 hits….she must have a lot of frogprinces stashed at her castle !!!!

  3. You are welcome My Lady Queen!!!

    I remember seeing that link on your blog saying Deb wrote about you but the link goes to Deborah’s main page not to the post where she wrote about you and I meant to tell you that earlier too … dyu wanna fix it? and I will work on my about page this weekend….
    Saboma is just too funny… with that many hits she may be the real princess ;) and i also belive frogprinces do go to real princesses anyway… some real prince will come to the fake princess some day I hope ;)

  4. I have a lear on hand for any and all frogs, hehehe.
    So far, I’ve been pretty lucky.
    Most are too smart. They quickly hop the other way lickety split once they hear the, “hehehe”.

    Am I doing sumpin wrong?


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  6. It’s always good to get another persons view on you.I like your current about me page, short and sweet :-)


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