Who knows?

I am usually very harsh on myself and very critical of everything I do.  I question a lot of the things, a lot of the values and a lot of the beliefs.  I can never settle on anything without first investigating and doing my own research into these things and everything else.  I always feel I could have done more and still could do more.  I have this unsettling urge for knowing more and learning more.   I beat myself to death for not having accomplished all that I could and and am constantly striving to get to that intangible next level.  It sometimes depresses me that time is flying so fast and there aren’t enough number of hours in the day. 

I love to read quotes – nice quotes

Here is something I came across some days ago and I have been thinking about it ever since.

“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us
by what we have already done.”   

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)  American poet

So, Who Knows?

PS:  I am working on reviewing a great blog that is very endearing to me and to a lot of people.  The author of the blog is just about everyone’s favorite.  Do you wanna guess who?  

And my blog’s review will be appearing at another famous blog’s page – I think in a day or two.  I will let you guys know.. Just keep checking back. 


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14 Responses to “ Who knows? ”

  1. hey Nikki – welcome to my place!! may be I am a perfectionist, I don’t really know! or may be I am more of an idealist than anything else…. and because the real life and ideal life rarely meet, perhaps are the opposites in actuality … its bothersome.. no I never felt I was a misfit though!

    thanks for stopping by… please visit again…

  2. Lemme guess. John Chow? :p

  3. hah John Chow??? Thats funny – even if I did review him, He would NEVER acknowledge my effort!! :) I reviewed the thinking blog…MUCH NICER :)

  4. Lol.. I mentioned John Chow because he seems to be everywhere. And yeah, The thinking blog is of cos better and much nicer ;)

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