Are you the serious type or playful?

Do you have that lightheartedness to your personality or take everything very seriously? I have a lot of friends who say that they are set in their ways, take just about everything very seriously! Why do we have to be set in our ways? What ways?

I spent the weekend at the beach and noticed that some people were there physically but not in mind. At least so it seemed! And that was really sad. A woman and a man along with their three small children were parked right next to us and the couple could not relax even for a few minutes. Kids wanted to play close to the water but the couple were busy talking as if about some serious stuff and would not allow the kids to go have fun! So the children kept whining! What I couldn’t fathom was the fact that the weather was beautiful, the sound of the waves and seagulls made the ambiance so beautiful, one could easily get lost in it for hours, but these two could not put the discussion to rest for sometime and just enjoy the moment.


So I wondered! What is it that happens to human beings as they get older? Why do we lose that childishness? and When do we lose it? That playfulness, spontaneity, unstoppable giggles that we used to have when we were younger? Why do we lose that enthusiasm as we age?

I am sure there are a million answers to all of these questions I have. I only know one simple answer to all of these. And that is, that we need to do anything and everything to keep that child alive in ourselves. Children’s minds are continuously learning and growing because children do not have egos. Kids are curious about everything around them. They are adaptable and they laugh easily and genuinely. We need to shed our egos (at least sometimes) that get offended so easily and allow ourselves to be like little children who are completely unaware of time and place.

Immersing ourselves in playful laughter and not taking everything so seriously that we lose part of our spirit and become dull and lifeless, is the only way to live a happy and fulfilled life! After all, life is short and cannot be taken for granted, can it?

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11 Responses to “ Are you the serious type or playful? ”

  1. @MorganLighter… I agree with you completely… I don’t think we should not be serious at all, of course it would be inappropriate and insensible if some one didn’t understand the needs of the situation…..

    but I feel to a certain degree its almost essential we have that lightheartedness after some time has passed, even about the most serious matters….. and on the overall like you say, be playful……because there are a lot of the things that are not in our control!

    good to have you back! tc

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