Bloggrrl Plays Strip Poker at Midnight Tonight

I know I've got to finish my About page but I've been thinking of this post for sometime and haven't had the time to write it and I really want to bring your attention to a brilliantly funny site that I was introduced to by Chee Kui of Dirty Little Secrets the other day! Take a look at this beautiful image


This blog is a mix of funny and informative stuff and it does exactly what it says – rocks your world with really mad tips and tricks while keeping you entertained for hours. Michelle, the author of the blog has a unique writing style. I would recommend you definitely read her post The Three Little Blogs, a Cautionary Tale that reflects how talented she is! I guarantee you will have a good laugh and end up loving the article and her site! I also want to mention that Michelle is running a contest called Cow Patty Bingo [that ends tonight @ midnight ;)] and after midnight tonight, she plans to have a strip poker party. :-) The randomly drawn winner will be given $50, and will enjoy a permanent spot of recognition on her Contest page. Isn't that a great deal? Now that I have had that off my chest, I am ready to follow Darren's 31 days to Building a Better Blog Challenge! Darren being in Australia, has already posted his second day's blogging tip and I haven't even done the first one…:) I hope to follow along with the month long project with problogger. I am sure it will be difficult but lets all try and make our blogs better. So tonight after making this post, I will be going through this blog's emails and see if I can personally thank some of my readers. I think I always contact people who come to the site here, if I know their emails, but if there is someone who hasn't heard from me, rest assured I will be contacting you. So, two things, go to Bloggrrl's website, read that marvelous article, and then head over to Problogger and get some more blog juice!


Michelle reports that for this contest she received 109 entries …. So, out of those, my post entry got picked as one of the five runners up!! That ain't bad now is it? Considering I entered the contest at the last minute? ;)

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12 Responses to “ Bloggrrl Plays Strip Poker at Midnight Tonight ”

  1. LOL that is so sad …:-) I don’t win the damn $50 and i lose nice people to her too :D

    its okay, ill survive with just links :)

  2. Lol 50$ is better :)

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