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Early this month when Darren announced the 31 days to building a better blog project, I decided I was going to work along with his assignments and for the first 3 or 4 days I did do the assignments. But as soon as he started talking about the dreaded About page, I gave up!! Well, I would like to report that my About page is about done and I have made it visible! I will need to change it but for now it is what it is!

I hope if any of you are doing those ‘assignments’ , you will let me know in the comments so we can join in the fun together! For today, yesterday, the assignment was to Comment on a blog that you have never commented on before! This morning, I had been reading Chris Garrett’s blog and you know I love quotations especially the ones that make us think, Chris had a post up about quotations and I gathered some courage to comment on it and voila – his first time commentator plug in sent me a short welcome script!

redflow.jpgSo, that was my first comment of the day, on a blog I had never commented before although I read it often. It’s funny I have been looking into redirecting www and non www of my domain for some days and Chris has a post on it right on the front page along with some links to other useful resources. Anyways, since this comment was not part of the assignment, I decided to comment on another blog =) and this time I decided to dive in today’s submission list at of course Problogger, and picked the blog that appeared at the end of the list, this tip was submitted by CornerScribe on Finding Blog Post Ideas! That is exactly what I need these days! Ideas for my posts. Check out this post and you are sure to come back with some good ideas. I could not comment on this blog because for some reason you have to be logged in to comment!?! I am not sure why you would do that, but I think it was a nice post so stumbled it!

I was on a comment spree so from amongst my technorati favorites, sorted by freshness, I found everybody go to and had a good laugh at Ali J’s most recent post reviewing a new web 2.0 start up called thoof. Ali’s funny twist on how this company’s name might have been founded was thoroughly enjoyable ! As a matter of fact I found Ali’s blog to be a great find for me, I subscribed because I will be going back to read more of his useful posts.

Now the importance of commenting 1) find new and useful material 2) these people might check out your blog

What do you think? Have you commented on a blog today? Do you ever comment on the blogs that you subscribe to?

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17 Responses to “ Comment Away! ”

  1. your about me page is great Pearl
    and thanks for pointing out Deborahs link in my about me….thank you ..YOU are VERY observant !!!!!
    have subscribed to Darren’s project too !!!!

  2. @ Mike.. I didn’t read all of Chris’s post and was quick in jumping to the one he provided links to.. I think that went to the google guy? Matt I think!! I don’t remember, but this guy explains in detail HOW to do the re-direction since that is what I was interested in.. But I saw on many sites, this 3 line code is different so i am a bit hesitant in doing it… I really wanted to get this thing done BEFORE any page rank stuff comes around which is probably any day now as I hear!! I’d definitely like to know if you find out something.. thanks!

  3. Etienne … thanks for joining and letting me know :) thanks for stopping by… pls keep in touch!!

  4. @Colin.. good practice :) I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot from you :)


  5. And now @ Kim…..thanks :) thats the most dreaded page I ever had to write on this blog :) I hate the fact that I succumbed to pressure from just about everyone to have that about page done :) and thought the *bird* is perhaps better than me :-) Oh you notice my observations I know :) yes, I do see the details – and may be thats the reason I miss the bigger picture sometimes LOL

  6. thanks for allowing the do follow plugin :)

  7. I am a professional blogger. This is what I do. I write and post blogs too include press release’s. Twitter is also a favorite of mine. Minnie blogs I call them. Blogs with less than 140 characters. At least one does not lose the reader this way. Then there is Face Party, Live Journal, Myspace (of course), Face Book, Yahoo Groups, Law Groups, DUI Forums, Newspaper Forums,,, personal blog space and websites owned. The opportunities are endless.

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