Do Unto Yourself First

Do you struggle to come out of somber and sad moods?   As difficult as it may be,  it is absolutely essential to try and swing back in the normal and happy routine.  In the last few of my posts I am sure my state of mind reflected clearly and as I started to write this post, I thought about a comment left by Mayank of  ReviewSaurus on my post on getting rid of the writer’s block, in which he said  "I think that [writer’s block] mainly comes because of things going around in our lives. If you’ll stay happy, you won’t get the writer’s block frequently but if you are sad or have something else going in your mind then you’ll get writer’s block as often as snow storm in Antarctica!"   I find that observation was absolutely true in my case.  

Some of my thoughts as I try to get out of the sadness_

  • Laugh out loud
  • Keep a journal and write your feelings down
  • Plan out a day trip and change of scenery will helpbe happy
  • Exercise to keep thinking clear
  • Stay optimistic through tough times
  • Stick to normal routines and activities
  • Don’t feel guilty about having a good time
  • Appreciate all the good things in life
  • ……………….Anything you might like to add?…………
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16 Responses to “ Do Unto Yourself First ”

  1. LOL … you scared me for a sec….:D I thought someone just hacked in my account :P ‘cuz I’d been reading an article on how someone’s wordpress blog got hacked!! welcome pearl … its nice to have you here ….. yes, thats a great suggestion ….

    please, visit again! and stay in touch!

  2. Hey Danny… thanks for the links… i sure will check them out! tc and kit

  3. Hi… I read your blog and it inspired me to write one…I’ve linked to your blog from that one…Check it out at

    I woul like to add…”think about the good times you have had” to your list…

    Like Glenn I was having a hrad time too….and blogging helps…

  4. Plying myself with good chocolate always helps me ;-)

    Saboma has the perfect indepth answer for excercise … the body produces natural chemicals when you excercise which naturally uplifts your spirits.

    Sometimes just going for a drive without any plan as to where I’m going helps me.

  5. Well, I am going through various steps which people take to come out of that sadness. I listen to loud music..if anything is bothering me.
    Music helps me in coming out of those dull moments.

  6. […] Do Unto Yourself First […]

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