How are you finding links to your blog?

As I was browsing the net today I came across an article that talks about SEO tips and the top most tip Glen listed in this post was the importance of having backlinks!  Good backlinks are apparently one of the most important factors in getting your site ranked high in search engines!   


In order to facilitate inter-linking of various blogs, Rhys came up with a brilliant idea of blogs reviewing each other!   What?  You don’t know who Rhys is?   I have seen Rhys (pronounced as ‘peace’ – as guessed by RichMinx) around for a while and he is pretty active in the blogging community!   Pretty cool guy who calls himself a Geek!   You’ll see his talent when you read the six blogs he authors and guest posts on many!  I really like his idea of blogs reviewing each other,  giving honest advice and in the process exchanging links.  Rhys has a blog directory from which you can pick the blog you want to review and also get listed for gaining a review back!  


So, I picked a very cool blog which I am sure all of you are going to love!   The blog is called Mike’s Money Making Mission, obviously run by Mike, who ‘retired early after publishing several business opportunity magazines’ and who is now trying to APWR0D see if he can make money on the Internet using only free blogs and with no capital outlay.  Mike runs his blog on the free blogger and runs four blogs!  All on the free blogger.   Mike tells the story what got him into blogging and the Internet marketing here!


I have to say that I came across his blog when I was on blogger about a couple of months ago,   and today when I found him on fair review project, I remembered that I had bookmarked him!    I was delighted to find this blog again because there is wealth of information on how to make money!   Mike even provides weekly reports on which company helped him make how much!  (was that correct English?)


I am sure you will fall in love with the openness and honest disclosures on here!

Go check out Mike’s blog and let me know if this review helps you in anyway!  Oh don’t forget to sign up with Fair Review Project if you want to get reviewed either! 


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11 Responses to “ How are you finding links to your blog? ”

  1. I wrote that a long time ago but a lot of the same principles still apply. I’m going about getting backlinks by being social online, another site I run which you are well aware of has been picking up links quickly:

    Guest Blogging
    Quality Content
    Blog Commenting
    Social Media

  2. Hi Pearl..just wanted to drop by and say “hi”. I’m sure all is well with you. Enjoying your thoughts. And thanks for sharing them.


    Franco :-)

  3. I will great review…..not blogging as much these days :)

  4. Hi Pearl,

    That’s fabulous. You’ll be added in the next batch tomorrow :)


  5. Gosh! Thank you very much for the review – much appreciated. It’s a long time since I’ve been called ‘cool’ – but at least my blog has!
    Thanks again.
    Best wishes,

  6. Hey Glen… that post is still valid and useful… participating in the community still is the best way to get backlinks for sure… those are some great points…

    Hey Franco.. thanks for stopping to say a hi… tc and kit

  7. hey Rhys.. thanks for stopping by and the great idea you started.. I hope it more people sign up for it….. tc and kit

    hi Mike – of course you have a cool blog :) tc and kit

  8. thank God I was able to write those two comments!!! every time I tried, I would get booted out with that ‘your account has been suspended because of CPU usage’ message!! sorry guys!!

  9. great idea Pearl and will check this out two… you have been busy!!!
    great review BTW…. :)
    ps signed up for blog action day….thanks for the tips….

  10. oops spelling (too)….instead of two…..freudian slip…..blah blah…

  11. hehe Kim.. I’ve been having too many of those freudian slips myself lately ;) glad you signed up too… hope it’s be a fun blogosphere that day with so many different angles all aiming at the same thing!!