Turn Up The Volume with blogLOUDER

Adnan from Blogtrepreneur is holding a competition to celebrate the launch of blogLOUDER – which has services such as Blog Consulting and Blog Reviews. Check it out!

The Competition will be closing on August 17th, so if you want to have a chance at

  • Increasing RSS subscribership
  • Increasing blogging income
  • Building a rock-solid community and increasing comments on your blog
  • Raising traffic levels through creative writing

and ………….
making use of some of the services Blogtrepreneur will be providing

such as

  • Blog Consulting – One-on-one, live blogging analysis
  • Full Blog Review – A thorough critique of your blog

Then, head on over to Adnan’s site and………….

Read his About page! Adnan is a young (still in high school) guy from UK who has been blogging in his spare time and has close to 700 subscribers.

Wouldn’t you want him “to help you transform from being an ordinary Joe to being an A-list Bloglebrity?”

Look at his article “How I made $506 blogging in July 2007” and you’ll know he knows what he is talking about.

Enter the contest and win a free consultation from Adnan NOW!!

UPDATE:  Adnan, although I took that statement from your blog about transforming an ordinary Joe, I am sure ordinary ‘Jill’ stands an equal chance at winning the contest!!   you may want to re-consider that  ;)

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9 Responses to “ Turn Up The Volume with blogLOUDER ”

  1. great review Pearl….and a good intro……I have entered the comp…..don’t think I have time to do a review……. :)

  2. SOUNDS INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not that great today :(

  3. I’m going to go there now and see if I can’t get a boost and some solid advice…thanks for the tip…and also for visiting my site and commenting!

  4. Wow, thanks Pearl for the awesome review! Good luck with these 3 entries.

    Whoops I never considered those sort of implications for saying “ordinary Joe”. I’ll have to change that ;)

  5. Hey Kim… one entry is better than nothing :) I am glad you liked the review and decided to enter… Adnan is really good with what he does…

  6. hey Iwona – welcome to my the site and thanks for commenting too… you will not regret the advice from Adnan :) tc and visit again when you have a chance…..

  7. I’m glad you like the review Adnan .. you really deserve it…

    Oh that was just a tease :) don’t take it seriously :)

  8. Adnan is wonderful. I won his competition (gloat gloat) and have had a consultation with him. He most definitely knows what he is talking about and has given me some very useful advice. He is so friendly and helpful. I think I will start an Adnan fan club – not until I have put in some work on his recommendations for my blog though :-)

  9. hey Sue… Congratulations on winning! you certainly deserved it! you are right, he is very friendly and he does know what he is doing!! well, count me as the first fan of his in that club :) Last month I won the link in his blog :) and I feel he is definitely going places with superior marketing skills he’s got….

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