What time of day do you like to post?

I am a morning person, at least used to be prior to blogging. But nowadays, I’ve been staying up later and later every night. So its not unusual for me to want to write the post and publish it at night. But it does not always happen after working all day, which causes huge frustration, that in turn results in writer’s block! And I am beginning to feel that its a vicious circle to fall in. Do you have a set schedule as to the time of day when you feel more motivated to post?

I talked to a few of my friends who also blog and they emphasize that mornings work best for them since the mind is fresh and there are no interruptions. As much as I would love to concentrate in the mornings, I am not able to wake up early these days. I remember writing a post about not staying up till 2am let alone past that time sometimes, which is what I am doing these days and then have to work all day but somehow I am not able to follow those ideas.

While I was thinking about this issue, a friend emailed to let me know that my Alexa rankings had shot up in the past few days. While checking my traffic patterns for Alexa, I noticed that most of my traffic was coming from the US. So, does it really affect your readership, what time of day you publish your posts? I understand this is going to be different for different people because of being in different time zones but do you look at your statistics as to where your most visitors are coming from? And at what time of the day they hit your blog?

My most readers coming from US means that posting at late night would work for me in that most people would be able to read it in the morning while I could still be curled up in my bed with some peace and not have to worry about thinking and writing.

Another reason to post at night comes to mind and that is that every time I want to write something, I feel I need to check my feeds to see the trends, what people are writing, if there is something I need to know in news category etc, and million other things that can be very distracting. Besides, I do not like to post something that has not been carefully written and proof read and edited and in the mornings, just before work, how can you do all these things?

By now you can probably tell that as much as I would love to be able to post in the mornings, I am building a justification of why it is really better to post at night.

Obviously I have not reached the point where I have a month’s worth of posts waiting to be published. I plan on working on that schedule or having no schedule so to speak with a post bank, but until that happens, I would love to hear what you have been doing and what time of the day you feel works best for you for posting.

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20 Responses to “ What time of day do you like to post? ”

  1. I normally post on 11.30PM IST. It will be 6PM in UK and the day job workers would have already returned from the 9-5 work. I don’t whether US readers find it easy. But I’m getting most readers from US. I’ll have to try posting at different times and do a research. Good post.

  2. Nice post but I have never thought about that!

  3. I usually blog at night till 1am ;)

  4. Yes definately am thanks :)

  5. @Ramkarthik……..welcome to the blog …
    seems like you have it figured out for all of your readers :) thats really what I struggle sometimes…. I’ll be experimenting posting at different times and see what happens…..

    Hey Chee…. you seem to be following the same pattern as me…:) its just not working out to post in the mornings with having to go to work!

  6. HOW ARE YA?

  7. Hi Shankar – aren’t you at school at that time? :) I am struggling to find more time during afternoons so I am not up late at nights….

    thanks for stopping by… kit

  8. yes thats when my brain is most active too but I am at my job! guess this is a struggle most bloggers have.. finding time is always hard, especially for things you love to do!

  9. Well, I prefer to write in the mid morning, but I don’t get time to blog most of the days during mid morning. That’s bad :(

  10. Yup that’s what.. I can’t blog during that time but I’d love to :)

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