Would you hire this man as your plumber?


Look at his shrug!!!  

He doesn’t look too happy and looks like he doesn’t give a damn either :)   


This guy made me laugh today when I tried logging into my bloglines account! 





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8 Responses to “ Would you hire this man as your plumber? ”

  1. Hey! You know what they say: it’s better to laugh than cry :-)

    Cool picture by the way :-)

    Regards from Spain,


  2. Very cute……I wonder if he’s for hire……I could do with someone like him on standby at my blog :D

  3. @Paquito… of course :) this guy does seem like a light hearted individual … as if saying ‘ oh well, chit happens’ lol

    @Laketrees… I’m sure with a wrench and a pipe, add a hammer, even this blog would come alive LOL

  4. haha Ken… I think that would be such a great idea :) I would definitely try something like this :)

  5. To tell you the truth, this is the most creative 404 Page all this time. I was surprise by this mario-bross like oldie become the mascot of server down for blogline.

    Kind of fun like Twitter’s Cat. May be in the future, everybody’s 404 error page will be switch to something like that. :)

  6. :) glad he gave you smiles Palm Coast

  7. Lol he looks like a gnome, very strong pants suspenders too.

  8. absolutely! actually I kind of look like that, and I’m a plumber. Highly recommended :)

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