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Does speed-linking has to be a weekend activity? It seems customary to write link posts over the weekends but here I am, sharing some of the links that I have followed on using Google Reader more efficiently. These posts have wealth of ideas and I am sure you will love to bookmark them if you plan to use some of the techniques described in them.

Organizing your Google Reader for efficiency, from Library Clips

Tips for Google Reader Search from Google’s blog

Aibek writes 16 more tips for Google reader

Adam Pash even has a video on the keyboard shortcuts to get good with the reader, that he posted in earlier this year

Short time after lifehacker’s post, Lifehack also had a wonderful post on reader hacks

And of course how can you not take a look at Steve Rubel’s perspective on trends analysis?

Snoskred has written a detailed step-by-step post on how Google Reader can make your life easier which I recommend if you have never used the reader and Sephyroth is also writing on tips and tricks to use reader more useful so if you feel you need more, hop on over to their blogs as well.

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9 Responses to “ Google Reader hacks-repository ”

  1. hi Pearl….
    I don’t use google reader…..I go through feedburner which really suits me …looks like some interesting reading though…….I might have to put this in my favourite posts category if that’s ok with you :)

  2. Hi Kim… if you read Snoskred’s post, you’ll see how google reader works and I am almost sure you’ll fall in love with it :) just follow the steps and throw questions at me anytime you feel like :)

  3. Improving your Google Reader Experience…

    Over the last few weeks, one thing that would keep me from actually reading blogs was the way I was reading them. For as long as I can remember, my Google Reader just read “100+” for the number of unr……

  4. thats a common problem with so many subscriptions! but with some organization techniques implemented, we should be in a better position!

  5. Gotta love that Google reader! I sure do.

  6. I do too Mike… those links give some neat tricks to organize all that information in the reader…

  7. Come by to say hi since I havent been blogging much in the past 5 days :( been fainting and all that fun stuff!

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