I am most like Chris Pirillo?

There is a fun little test on Technosailor that I found via Quick Online Tips that analyzes which web celebrity you associate yourself most with based on your answers to some dozen short multiple choice questions.

Well, the very first question asks if you have a blackberry, I don’t own one, and I would be really shocked if Chris doesn’t have one either :) Who cares about the accuracy of these tests? I am happy with the results :)

The Technosailor Self Importance Test

You are most like Chris Pirillo!

You are most like Chris Pirillo. You dominate your brand and do quite well in marketing it. However, you go out of the way to place the focus on other people as much as possible as a decision on power and authority. You may have many followers, readers or fans but you rarely let this distract you from your mission and focus.

Who do you think your personality is like?

Take the test here and let us know in the comments below….

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31 Responses to “ I am most like Chris Pirillo? ”

  1. My BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog pages are ranked before me, and that just shouldn’t be. Some of the exact match queries are still returning what they were before.I become a Robert Scoble! and maybe thats because I have a very high view of myself and my life. And then both my business and blog are important in my life

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