If you were to write a book

who would you dedicate it to? Have you thought about it? How would you say it?

It would be fun to read some of the sentiments here in the comments!

Another question…

Have you seen an e-book dedicated just like printed books? I might have seen it but do not recall!


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8 Responses to “ If you were to write a book ”

  1. My mom because It would be about her and I relationship haha!

  2. To your partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife), of course :-)

    Yes, of course you can also dedicate an e-book… Why not?

    Regards from Spain,

  3. I am sure you can dedicate an ebook, I was asking if you know of any :) I haven’t seen those traditional dedications we see in the printed books!

  4. for my Father…..
    I haven’t seen books dedicated (on ebay)…but that’s probably because I don’t go onto e bay Pearl :D

  5. I think it would be my partner who encourages me, gives me confidence and puts up with me andmy blogging – I probably would not have written the book without his belief in me. Also my children as I am proud of all 3 of them and they have taught me so much about life.

  6. @Kim….e books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles :) and almost all book vendors online sell them, not just eBay

    @Sue – that is sweet :) See I always find it fascinating how are relationships play a huge part in almost every decision we make in life! I would also dedicate it to my dad, he is one person in the world who has been a rock solid support in everything I do!

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