Just who came to your mind?


photo courtesy: MarkPogue

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8 Responses to “ Just who came to your mind? ”

  1. THE TARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL wow…. who would have thought of those two? :)

    these two would represent different people to everyone, wouldn’t they?

    all i can say is that the female is definitely prettier and colorful even though tart …according to the goth…. lol i can’t write it here but will email you of the ones I thought of :)

    It would be fun to hear who others think of :)

  3. Cyndi Lauper and Marilyn Manson? LOL

  4. Didn’t know you speak the birds language too LoL

    Wishing you a great end to your week!

  5. LOL! What’s that?? Kind of funny and relaxing for weekend.
    Goth = Seth Godin

  6. Hi RennyBA – :) thanks for swinging by… hope you are having a good weekend too… looks like you didn’t see my About page yet ;)

  7. hi Ken…. Nooooo its not seth godin .. he is a good guy….. and I read him often ;) I thought the birds were just being funny :)

  8. Kaylee…Im glad this made your day :)

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