Male-Female Ratios of 50 Most Influential Blogs and some

I read the top 50 most influential bloggers list posted by Northxeast the other day as you all must have too. As is expected from most of such list posts, its being read and linked to even today by many. What intrigued me about this list was that it did not include a lot of the female bloggers who are equally or even more popular in some cases. As I was contemplating who got included and how many female bloggers were left out and such things, I also was thinking that it is possible there are fewer female bloggers than male bloggers – obviously, but then I read Shona’s post over at rich minx along similar thoughts, which revealed there were only 6 female bloggers listed in that top 50 most influential bloggers!! This is obviously a very interesting observation and I wonder why there are only 6 bloggers, why are not more females included in the list? I am by no means undermining the female bloggers included in that list, but I do feel that emomsathome by Wendy, successful-blog by Liz and the all encompassing WordPress blog by Lorelle and Search Engine Guide by Jennifer Laycock are blogs that are known to provide unparalleled support to the blogging community and definitely needed a mention in that list.

As I thought more about this, I was wondering if majority of the girls were even reading some of the most popular blogs or they limit themselves to reading just the ones in close proximity of their own communities or friends’ blogs! I personally have known and sporadically read most (not all) of the blogs listed in the top 50 and I was curious as to how many females read those blogs or even knew about them. So of course to quench my thirst, I used a nifty little tool that was created by Philipp Lenssen, author of Google Blogoscoped, to check out the male/female ratios of these blogs.

I checked the top 50 blogs listed by Northxeast (some couldn’t be found by the tool which is a bit odd) but also included some of the blogs I read along with of course the female bloggers that I think should have been included in that list. Most of the ratios seem intuitive when you think about the site, but I was particularly surprised at Chris Garrette’s blog in that only 2% of the females are reading his blog! So here are the he/she ratios of the popular sites:

Some of the blogs that I read look like this
SEO by jennifer
This is the funniest result I have seen so far!
Smashing magazine
and this is how my blog looks like
Fresh Perspectives

I am not sure if such studies have been done before or if its even possible to find this ratio accurately and I have no idea how Philipp Lenssen calculates it either, but it is an interesting overview.

And I wonder a few things about the results…

Why are more females not blogging?

Why are more females not reading ‘most influential’ blogs?

Did Northxeast mean most influential ‘technology’ bloggers?

If not, do you think any of these blogs would start considering blogging on topics that are of interest to females, in order to increase their readership?

I just hope more and more female bloggers start reading some of the very knowledgeable blogs out there and if more of them started blogging, I am sure they will only add to the richness of the blogosphere.

I would love to know what you think of these ratios!

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  4. This posting caught my eye (I’m so glad I found this blog!) lol because I’m a new female blogger. I did notice that alot of the very successful blogs were of the techie nature :)
    But I feel that there is plenty of room for bloggers like me who are into the whole.. Better life for woman – for everyone! thing ..

    Anyway very interesting research. Thank you for doing it!


  5. you have a nice site Jemi… glad you found your way here… tc and stay in touch! :)

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  7. OK.
    I’m here.
    I’m a woman, very much so.
    I manage 8 blogs, several under my own name, the rest under a pen name.

    Core blog, We Are One World Healing, will be amongst the most influencing blogs. Yes, a technorati rating is nice, but some of the ‘top’ bloggers out there even confess on their blog they ‘manipulated’ their ratings.

    I love technorati to love me, but what matters most to me, is that that my blog is instrumental in manifesting real change in the world.

    Why am I doing this? We, humanity and the planet needs it. There are so many environmental and social issues that need healing. We better get on with it…..

    Astrid Lee, Reiki Master Teacher’s last blog post..Carnival of Healing #121

  8. Hi Astrid:
    you are right, numbers aren’t everything in life. Your blog is definitely one that most people would love regardless of its statistical standing.

    I cannot really comment on top bloggers manipulating their ratings ‘coz I haven’t really read them confessing that they do but like you said, you are working on bringing real change in the world and thats the bottom line..

    thank you so much for coming out here and commenting! stay well and stay in touch.

    pearl’s last blog post..Interesting Posts Around the Web – Jan 19

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