Smile :-) It’s your anniversary!


 scott-fahlman25 years ago today,   on September 19th, 1982,  Scott Fahlman,  a professor from Carnegie Melon University,  invented the sideways smiley face :-) smiley which is sometimes also called Emoticon!  So,


Happy 25th Anniversary to the ubiquitous Smiley that we have come to love so much…




As is usually expected, there have been several disputes about Mr. Fahlman, Research Professor at Carnegie University being the first to discover the smiley emoticon, and I just found his response to a thread that he posted just about a couple of hours ago on one of the Google news article – oh yes, did you know you can comment on any Google news article now? 


Although the graphical yellow smiley face  was invented by

Harvey Ball  in 1964




Can the new generations even believe how life would have been without the colon-hyphen- parenthesis combination ? :-)





Some people have told me I use too many smileys in my conversations, well, yes, I do…  :-)  It makes the conversation a bit light hearted, doesn’t it? 


Do you use smileys in your emails?  or you refrain from using too many, but do use a few?   or you are the kind who has come to hate so many of these emoticons?   I’d love to know how you use them, and if you don’t then why don’t you use them? 

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15 Responses to “ Smile :-) It’s your anniversary! ”

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  3. Great information! Thanks for writing this. It is an honor to participate in the discussion.

  4. No way! How do you put an anniversary on something you type though? haha it must have been documented really well or something.

    I use emoticons way too much :P

  5. Smiley faces are probably the most interesting thing I do on MSN and AIM now, and I’m always looking for more to add to MSN.

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