What’s in a name?

When I signed up with Blogger one day, I had not given a careful consideration to the name of the blog or even the title.  Before this blog, I used to start blogs and would quickly lose interest and would delete them after a few months.  


But with Fresh Perspectives it was different from the very beginning.  I thought I would want to provide my perspectives on all things interesting!   And named the blog Interesting Observations!   Little did I know that the names do matter!  


This time I commented on other blogs and the blogging community quickly took me under its wings.  Then one day I realized I had ‘met’ quite a number of bloggers who were blogging on WordPress so I felt I needed to get my own domain and move on WordPress too.   Well, by now I had gained quite a number of backlinks and didn’t feel like changing the name from Fresh-Perspectives to anything else but couldn’t get the .com domain so settled with .net!    But I still kept the name Interesting Observations!  


As I got to know more and more people via social networking sites and group writing projects and forums,  more and more people started asking me why I call my blog by a name that is different than its domain!    well,  I don’t have a very logical answer other than the truth – that I wasn’t being careful!     


And a couple of weeks ago if you searched Interesting Observations,  it was no where to be found on the net!    But, today I Googled Interesting Observations and am pleased to share that this blog is 2nd in the top 5 list on Google and tops the search list on Yahoo


I think that is quite an improvement :-)    Although I still have no idea how that happened  lol



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10 Responses to “ What’s in a name? ”

  1. I think you picked a good name. I am glad you are in the top! I like reading your fresh perspectives. :)

  2. :) I guess it worked for some reason …. although I am still wondering what happened! thanks for reading ….

  3. hi pearl, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. It was delightful :) Hope you’ll come back again soon! God bless

  4. you are welcome Emmyrose! thanks for stopping by here too… of course I’ll be reading you more often now :)

  5. I started with Blogger too, but glad I finally migrated to WP. At Blogger I was not thinking of what to call the url as it was integrated with Bloggers anyway. The title of my blog; ‘RennyBA’s Terella’ was important to me though (you have probably read the story on my ‘About’ page), so therefore it was natural to pick http://www.terella.no when migrating to WP and got my own domain.

    When started I carefully picked my nick though and now both are consider quite successful at Google too :-)

  6. I was pleasantly surprised to see the site topping the search lists so thought even though initially I made a mistake, guess now I must have done something right!! unless someone can tell me this was a sheer one time chance or something, in which case I better do something to keep it at the top :-)

  7. haha sure it feels pretty good! :)

  8. You see? that’s the proves of your popularity! ;p
    It’s always a pleasant time to see our keyword or title on the top of google and yahoo SERP! :D

  9. that’s great news …Pearl……
    obviously the name was meant to be……
    I know of two “laketrees” on the web…..so that’s good…I just have to get my blogs on to my domain ….ah maybe one day :)

  10. thanks Kim… the name was meant to be :)

    there are others with this name really? I always get your blog on top of the search results when I type laketrees though…… your work is fantastic Kim and it does deserve its own home…. you can get the domain and still stay on blogger until you find a good hosting plan

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