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You know Blog World Expo is being held on – November 8 – 9, 2007 in Las Vegas!

And according to their site, here are some

Important Blogging Stats

# Over 12 million American adults currently maintain a blog.
# More than 147 million Americans use the Internet.
# Over 57 million Americans read blogs.
# 1.7 million American adults list making money as one of the reasons they blog.
# 89% of companies surveyed say they think blogs will be more important in the next five years.
# 9% of internet users say they have created blogs .
# 6% of the entire US adult population has created a blog .
# Technorati is currently tracking over 70 million blogs.
# over 120 thousand blogs are created every day .
# There are over 1.4 million new blog posts every day .
# 22 of the 100 most popular websites in the world are blogs .
# 120,000 new blogs are created every day .
# 37% of blog readers began reading blogs in 2005 or 2006 .
# 51% of blog readers shop online .
# Blog readers average 23 hours online each week .

Those are some impressive stats and I am feeling fortunate to be part of them right now!

And now here is the pricing structure:


Now here are some of my thoughts on the Expo:

Say you are a new blogger and haven’t really been blogging for money or made any money from your blog but you would really want to attend something like this, listen to your favorite bloggers like Mike Arrington of TechCrunch or Brian Clark of Copyblogger or Arianna Huffington – The Huffington Post, * and many more that you would love to meet, but blogging is not what you do full time, and with pricing like that, how would you ever be able to accomplish it? Not to mention the air fare and your stay …

So I was wondering how many of the ‘not so known’ bloggers are going to this Expo? I remember reading at MsDanielle (via RSS) that she was going to be at the expo, I think, but she is someone known and popular, isn’t she?

So here is what I am curious about:

If you are going then:

1. Approximately how much something like this would cost (or how much are you spending?) including ALL expenses?

2. How long have you been blogging to feel the need to attend this expo?

3. How far are you traveling to get to Las Vegas, which is where the expo is being held!

If you are NOT going to the expo, then

1. What are your reasons? Is it financial? Time?

Some more questions out of curiosity:

If you are one of the ‘not-so-known-bloggers’, what do you think you would gain by spending the money that you couldn’t by reading [Business Blogging 101, Good to Great: Blogging & Profit Potential, Finding Your Voice] articles from the same ‘personalities’?

And with executive and entrepreneur conference priced at $700 which includes Networking Party, how many of the A-listers are going to be shaking hands with D-listers (or is it Z-listers?)? When you come back to your small blog, would they remember you? And would you be ready to do it again next year?

I confess that this is a post out of a bit of envy I am feeling at this time since I cannot attend the conference! I was in Las Vegas this summer and now I just don’t have the time [money is not an issue]. *sarcasm*

*UPDATE: October 23, 2007 –  I was contacted by Adriana Dunn of Huffington Post to let me know that Ariana Huffington will not be at the conference and that I remove her name from the scheduled speakers mention! Tags: BlogWorldExpo

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10 Responses to “ Blog World Expo ”

  1. While I’m sure I would learn plenty from attending, I have the attention span of a 6 year-old and sitting in conferences doesn’t appeal to me. Plus there are other things I would rather do with my vacation time and money. It will be interesting to see how many people, and who, attend.

  2. very impressive stats Pearl !!!!
    I think I’d rather pop up to the gold coast in November for my holiday :D

  3. haha but not in a pop up trailer as the content snapshot says :D

  4. I don’t feel that anyone like myself who has a free blog and is not making money off her (or his) blog could justify the cost of something like this what I would have to say is a right now a hobby. I would love to be making money with my blog but haven’t got a clue as to how to start that right now and I need to find out more before I could ever invest this kind of money. I think reading those articles you mentioned would be much more cost effective (even if I WERE making money on my blog, to be honest).

  5. @teeni – right :) I feel the same way!

    @Steven – you know, I am interested in finding that out too – well other than the popular bloggers, OR someone living close to las vegas, I’d really like to see who is spending that kind of money!

  6. LOL Kim… those pop ups are getting out of control here :) I’ll do something to limit them … its funny i installed content links but never even logged into the account to see if I made a dollar so far ;)


  8. […] to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!One of the commentors on the previous post was wondering if the Blog World Expo guys could adapt her!!  Well,  I am not that desperate to go but I did start […]

  9. LOL @ “I’d really like to see who is spending that kind of money!”

    So would I and I’d like to ask them for a loan, or better yet, to adopt me. heehee.

  10. //I’d like to ask them for a loan, or better yet, to adopt me. heehee.//

    lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teeni you can be funny at times….. :)

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